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FarStone Technology Inc.

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 IconVirtualDrive 10
Convert your PC games into into MP3-like files that run up to 200 times faster!
SIZE: 31.87 MB demo 15 Sep 2006
  IconRestoreIT 7
Automatically back up all system and personal files on your PC
SIZE: 74.86 MB demo 30 Oct 2005
 IconVirtual Class 5
Broadcast your desktop across a network. Remotely monitor student PCs.
SIZE: 13.22 MB demo 15 Sep 2005
  IconDriveClone Pro 3.5
Back up your hard drive with a 1:1 image. Use system snapshot for easy recovery.
SIZE: 88.51 MB shareware 30 Oct 2007
 IconVirtual Hard Drive Pro 2
Run files and applications in your computer's memory - up to 340x faster!
SIZE: 18.61 MB shareware 18 Oct 2007
  IconVirtualDrive Pro 11
Emulation software lets you play CDs and DVDs without the disc.
SIZE: 45.39 MB demo 01 Jan 2007
 IconDriveClone 3.1
Make a 1:1 copy of your hard drive, including settings and partition information
SIZE: 88.29 MB shareware 12 Nov 2007
  IconVirtualDrive Pro 11.5
Emulation software lets you play CDs and DVDs without inserting the disc.
SIZE: 44.13 MB shareware 22 Jul 2007