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Eye4Software B.V.

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 IconEye4Software GPS API 2.4
Toolkit to add GPS functionality to software (GPS SDK)
SIZE: 0.58 MB shareware 06 Nov 2009
  IconEye4Software Coordinate Calculator
Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is a tool to convert GPS or map coordinates
SIZE: 3.21 MB shareware 08 Feb 2012
 IconEye4Software GPS Mapping Studio 4.1
GPS Mapping Software for Windows,import, export and edit maps, create gps tracks
SIZE: 15.41 MB shareware 30 Sep 2012
  IconEye4Software Hydromagic 5.1
Hydrographic Survey Software for Windows, Single Beam Data Collection
SIZE: 81.07 MB shareware 28 May 2013
 IconEye4Software GPS Toolkit for Java 4.0
Java Toolkit to add coordinate conversion functionality to software (GPS API)
SIZE: 0.15 MB shareware 21 May 2012