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ELTIMA Software GmbH

Related product from ELTIMA Software GmbH:
 IconSWF Toolbox 2.7
SWF Toolbox lets converting SWFs into Projector EXE, JPEG, animated GIF formats.
SIZE: 3.67 MB shareware 28 Aug 2005
  IconSWF Video Converter 3.0
SWF Video Converter transforms movie files into SWF/FLV streaming video formats.
SIZE: 3.90 MB shareware 14 May 2006
 IconSWF to FLA Converter for PC 1.5
Convert Macromedia Flash file to FLA with Eltima SWF to FLA Converter for PC.
SIZE: 4.56 MB shareware 23 Jul 2006
  IconFlash Optimizer 1.41
Flash Optimizer compresses SWF files by 60-70% without quality loss.
SIZE: 2.25 MB shareware 03 Mar 2005
 IconSerial Splitter 3.0
Enable all applications to receive same data from a serial port simultaneously.
SIZE: 2.43 MB shareware 09 Mar 2005
  IconUSB to Ethernet Connector 3.0
Share any USB resources between PCs on local network or over the Internet.
SIZE: 3.73 MB shareware 15 Nov 2007
 IconEltima SWF Toolbox 2.8
Convert your Flash SWF files into AVI, GIF, BMP, JPG and Advanced Projector EXE
SIZE: 3.70 MB shareware 14 Dec 2005
  IconAdvanced COM Port Redirector 4.0
COM Port Redirector enables data redirection from one rs232 port to another
SIZE: 1.39 MB shareware 14 Nov 2005
 IconVirtual Serial Ports Driver XP 4.0
Two virtual serial ports linked to each other via virtual null-modem cable.
SIZE: 1.49 MB shareware 09 Sep 2003
  IconVirtual Modem PRO 3.0
Virtual Modem PRO emulates virtual IP-modems with extended functionality
SIZE: 3.57 MB shareware 03 Sep 2006
 IconEXE Password Protector 1.0
EXE Password Protector protects applications from running by adding a password.
SIZE: 1.73 MB shareware 26 Sep 2005
  IconEltima Serial Port Terminal 5.0
Eltima Serial Port Terminal - a handy application for testing serial ports.
SIZE: 2.39 MB shareware 23 Mar 2006
 IconEltima Serial Port Monitor 1.2
Serial Port Monitor for professional RS232/422/485 COM ports monitoring.
SIZE: 2.55 MB shareware 11 Jan 2005
  IconAdvanced Keylogger 1.8
Advanced Keylogger records all keystrokes and sends them to specifiesd emails.
SIZE: 1.16 MB shareware 02 Aug 2005
 IconFlash Decompiler - Eltima SWF to FLA Converter 2.6
Convert SWF to FLA, export objects to multiple formats or easily replace them
SIZE: 4.02 MB shareware 06 Nov 2005
  IconSerial Port ActiveX Control 2.5
Serial Port component for communication with external devices.
SIZE: 1.00 MB shareware 07 Jun 2004
 IconEltima Flash Decompiler 1.40
Extract all resources from SWF and Export sounds and images into FLA.
SIZE: 3.57 MB shareware 22 Jul 2004