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Cresotech, Inc.

Related product from Cresotech, Inc.:
 IconCresotech TypeRecorder 1.0
Convenient and easy to use keystroke sequence recorder and manager
SIZE: 1.46 MB shareware 15 Mar 2001
  IconCresotech PhotoPoint
Multimedia tool to create a photo presentation just in seconds.
SIZE: 2.05 MB shareware 05 Feb 2001
 IconCresotech PhotoScreen
Convenient simple tool for screensaver building using own images.
SIZE: 1.38 MB shareware 13 Dec 2000
  IconAgent Undercover 2.0
Fun and easy tool to cut a holes of any shape and depth in windows on desktop.
SIZE: 1.45 MB shareware 31 May 2001
 IconCresotech Convert-It 3.00
Convenient Pocket PC based different measuring system unit convertor
SIZE: 0.37 MB shareware 07 Apr 2004