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 IconFreeTextBox 1.6.3
Free, customizable ASP.NET MSHTML control for WYSIWYG editing in Web pages.
SIZE: 1.02 MB freeware 09 Mar 2004
Simple .NET grid. No databinding, design-time, grouping or master/detail.
SIZE: 1.39 MB freeware 08 Nov 2003
 IconLumisoft UI Controls 1.1
12+ flat controls for Winforms. Lack WYSIWYG design-time support, databinding.
SIZE: 1.73 MB freeware 15 Oct 2003
  Iconcryptlib 3.0
A security toolkit providing strong encryption and authentication for apps.
SIZE: 1.32 MB freeware 09 Mar 2004
 IconOpenSSL 0.9.7c
SSL, TLS, and a cryptography library. Perl or Cygwin needed for Win32 compile.
SIZE: 2.81 MB freeware 29 Sep 2003
  IconGarbe.Sound Audio DSP Beta 1
A C# .NET digital audio processing class library for creating filters.
SIZE: 0.83 MB freeware 06 Sep 2003
 Iconzlib 1.2.1
Free general-purpose compression library. Lacks PKZip 4.5, BZip2, and Deflate64.
SIZE: 0.87 MB freeware 16 Oct 2003