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 IconBubble Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Time comes in drops that produce life ripples like they do in Bubble Clock
SIZE: 1.00 MB freeware 03 Nov 2006
  IconSnowy Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
A cool, snow-covered background and a small cute clock, catching the snowflakes
SIZE: 0.86 MB freeware 10 Dec 2006
 IconSpace Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
A new screensaver featuring the Solar System planet parade
SIZE: 0.95 MB freeware 24 Oct 2006
  IconTime Navigator ScreenSaver 2.3
Check the current time and always follow your dreams!
SIZE: 1.00 MB freeware 30 Jul 2006
 IconSwan Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Bonny swans on a lake will dissolve your sadness like a piece of cake
SIZE: 1.04 MB freeware 03 Nov 2006
  IconRainbow Clock ScreenSaver 2.5
A screensaver-clock charging you with colorful emotions and positive energy
SIZE: 1.12 MB freeware 26 Nov 2009
 IconSeashore Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Decorate your desktop with original clock built in a small sea yacht!
SIZE: 1.03 MB freeware 17 Aug 2006
  IconBalloon Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Time goes, you say? Ah, no! Time flies! It flies like a Big Clock Balloon
SIZE: 1.22 MB freeware 14 Nov 2006
 IconForest Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Tired of work? A new screensaver gives you a rest close to nature
SIZE: 3.22 MB freeware 16 Oct 2006
  IconSprinkle Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Decorate your desktop with this original clock!
SIZE: 1.39 MB freeware 08 Jul 2006
 IconFluid Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
The world is fluid in the hands of Fluid Clock. Enjoy many happy surprises!
SIZE: 1.46 MB freeware 02 Nov 2006
  IconCoco Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Add the most wanted natural Clock screensaver to your desktop!
SIZE: 1.62 MB freeware 08 Nov 2006
 IconSky Watch ScreenSaver 2.3
Sky Watch: plunge in a relaxing ambience of a new soft light screensaver
SIZE: 0.97 MB freeware 23 Oct 2006
  IconArt Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Enjoy the flight of fancy, and have some rest, looking at a cute exotic clock
SIZE: 1.54 MB freeware 18 Dec 2006
 IconRomantic Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Reinforce the beautiful bond of love you share with your sweetheart.
SIZE: 0.48 MB freeware 08 Feb 2007
  IconThanksgiving Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
A time of turkeys is coming together with Thanksgiving Clock!
SIZE: 0.92 MB freeware 08 Nov 2006
 IconRadiant Clock ScreenSaver 2.5
Radiant Clock will add a new wonderful color to a dull day each time it starts
SIZE: 1.12 MB freeware 26 Nov 2009
  IconLighthouse Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Check the current time and always follow your dreams!
SIZE: 0.99 MB freeware 22 Jul 2006
 IconLacy Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Let your screen sparkle and shine with Lacy Clock. It?ll restore your energy!
SIZE: 1.11 MB freeware 24 Jan 2007
  IconXmas Clock screensaver 2.8
Bring some festive mood on your PC, placing a clock screensaver on your desktop
SIZE: 1.09 MB freeware 27 Nov 2009
 IconRocket Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Can a spaceship and a clock be harmoniously combined? Yes!
SIZE: 1.25 MB freeware 12 Oct 2006
  IconChroma Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Chroma Clock makes all worries melt away to be replaced with divine inspiration
SIZE: 0.90 MB freeware 03 Nov 2006
 IconBrilliant Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Underscore your bright wit with the brilliance of the clock on your desktop
SIZE: 1.08 MB freeware 26 Jan 2007
  IconLuminescent Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Have an attractive Sci-Fi element right on your desktop. Enjoy futuristic clock!
SIZE: 2.77 MB freeware 14 Feb 2007
 IconAtomic Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Always know the accurate time!
SIZE: 1.65 MB freeware 17 Sep 2006
  IconLucent Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Lucent Clock inspires you with a perfect getaway spirit and heals all wounds
SIZE: 0.93 MB freeware 14 Jan 2007
 IconZeppelin Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Travel beyond the limits of your imagination into the dreamland of eternal love!
SIZE: 0.98 MB freeware 30 Aug 2006
  IconGold Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Let your hours with this gold clock screensaver be golden too!
SIZE: 1.19 MB freeware 19 Oct 2006
 IconElectron Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Show passion for innovation and new tech age with Electron Clock screensaver
SIZE: 1.65 MB freeware 22 Nov 2006
  IconReverse Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Turn time back and always know the current time!
SIZE: 0.81 MB freeware 10 Jul 2006
 IconPassion Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Paint the moments of your life with vibrant colors of passion!
SIZE: 1.20 MB freeware 04 Feb 2007
  IconSanta Clock screensaver 2.8
Watch time, waiting for the bearded old-man to come down the chimney
SIZE: 1.04 MB freeware 26 Nov 2009
 IconGold Fish Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Wish on a Fish while checking the current time!
SIZE: 3.14 MB freeware 09 Apr 2007
  IconHalloween Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Get to the ancient castle of merry vampires full of pretty ghosts!
SIZE: 0.81 MB freeware 22 Jul 2006
 IconBelt Watch ScreenSaver 2.3
Check time in silver style! That Grandpa?s watch is still ticking!
SIZE: 1.10 MB freeware 23 Mar 2007
  IconCastle Clock ScreenSaver 2.5
Underscore your bright wit with the brilliance of the clock on your desktop
SIZE: 1.16 MB freeware 26 Nov 2009
 IconValentine's Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Share this Valentine's heart with love flowers growing aroung the Clock!
SIZE: 2.11 MB freeware 04 Feb 2007
  IconCrystal Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Crystal Clock refracts the time flowing through to return it to you as wonders
SIZE: 3.19 MB freeware 26 Mar 2007
 IconDaisy Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Full of life this clock is generously beaming with vitalizing positive energy.
SIZE: 2.78 MB freeware 22 Mar 2007
  IconSunflower Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Sunflower Clock reveals the relation between men, sunflowers and time
SIZE: 0.97 MB freeware 22 Mar 2007
 IconSea Breeze Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
In this clock sea breeze tenderly whispers secret legends of the ocean!
SIZE: 1.20 MB freeware 09 Apr 2007
  IconClassic Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Decorate your desktop with Classic Clock!
SIZE: 1.00 MB freeware 24 Apr 2007
 IconCowboy Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Lasso the time and feel the unlimited freedom!
SIZE: 3.19 MB freeware 20 Apr 2007
  IconFudziama Time Fingers ScreenSaver 2.3
Let the eternity slip away delicately with this atmospheric screensaver!
SIZE: 1.00 MB freeware 22 Apr 2007
 IconOne World Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
We live in one world there everything is interconnected and interdependent.
SIZE: 3.66 MB freeware 06 May 2007
  IconAquarium Clock ScreenSaver 2.5
Even aquarium fishes want to know the current time.
SIZE: 1.32 MB freeware 24 Nov 2009
 IconWonder Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Open a window into the Wonderland, invite miracles in your life!
SIZE: 2.11 MB freeware 28 May 2007
  IconMagic Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
The magic power of the Clock is rising with every minute.
SIZE: 3.81 MB freeware 27 Jun 2007
 IconAlien Pet's Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Pets delight in lovely clock. Put this clock to your desktop!
SIZE: 2.35 MB freeware 11 Aug 2007
  IconMouse Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Little mouse and butterfly want to get you in the sky
SIZE: 1.09 MB freeware 19 Jun 2007
 IconDragon-fly Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Dragon-fly, dragon-fly, take me high into the sky!
SIZE: 2.25 MB freeware 15 Sep 2007
  IconRomance Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
The Time has come for romance!
SIZE: 1.81 MB freeware 01 Sep 2007
 Icon3D Space Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Let the boundaries of your consciousness expand!
SIZE: 7.13 MB freeware 18 Jul 2007
  IconOriental Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Oriental Clock lets you relax and gaze at the hazy rocks and the bridge
SIZE: 0.97 MB freeware 03 Nov 2007
 IconSky Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Fill your life with divine inspiration and joy.
SIZE: 0.97 MB freeware 16 Oct 2007
  IconWater Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Fresh up your desktop with the reviving coolness of a picturesque wild stream
SIZE: 1.59 MB freeware 21 Nov 2007
 IconAlchemic Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Alchemic Clock screensaver shows time and the secret of Philosopher?s stone
SIZE: 1.94 MB freeware 16 Jan 2008
  IconTown Clock screensaver 2.4
Find out how far the horizon is with this smart and stylish Town Clock!
SIZE: 1.02 MB freeware 24 Jan 2008
 IconTeddy Bears Clock screensaver 2.4
Teddy Bears Clock Screensaver will let you have a joyful mood all the time!
SIZE: 0.88 MB freeware 28 Jan 2008
  IconAlien Sun Clock screensaver 2.8
Alien Sun Clock Screensaver lets you look at the Sun in a surprisingly new way
SIZE: 2.02 MB freeware 26 Nov 2009
 IconCupid Clock screensaver 2.4
Great Gift for Valentine's Day: animated love clock!
SIZE: 0.28 MB freeware 28 Jan 2008
  IconCyberpunk Clock screensaver 2.4
Believe in the miracles to let them come in your reality!
SIZE: 0.25 MB freeware 01 Feb 2008
 IconAurora Clock screensaver 2.4
Start Revolution in your Mind! Let yourself be always happy!
SIZE: 0.33 MB freeware 18 Feb 2008
  IconElf Clock screensaver 2.4
Elf Clock Screensaver shows a small elf fairy bringing kind magic into your life
SIZE: 0.77 MB freeware 01 Feb 2008
 IconSky Mandala Clock screensaver 2.4
A meditative screensaver with a clock that?ll give you focus and relaxation
SIZE: 1.00 MB freeware 26 Feb 2008
  IconShiny Clock screensaver 2.4
Get some inspiration looking at the palms holding a shining bulb of a clock!
SIZE: 0.65 MB freeware 04 Mar 2008
 IconMedieval Clock screensaver 2.4
Turn your PC or TV into the wall of an ancient castle with built-in Stone Clock!
SIZE: 3.31 MB freeware 04 Mar 2008
  IconEye Clock screensaver 2.4
Feel the happiness of the timeless eternity!
SIZE: 0.22 MB freeware 09 Apr 2008
 IconDream Catcher Clock screensaver 2.4
Catch good dreams and let bad ones to slip away!
SIZE: 1.46 MB freeware 14 Apr 2008
  IconRainbowland Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Rainbowland Clock will cheer up your desktop and make the sun shine brighter
SIZE: 1.81 MB freeware 02 Sep 2007
 IconPaintbrush Clock screensaver 2.4
Don't undervalue the power of imagination!
SIZE: 0.58 MB freeware 26 May 2008
  IconChristmas Clock ScreenSaver 2.3
Spend some pleasing moments on the eve of a holiday glancing at Christmas clock
SIZE: 0.84 MB freeware 25 Nov 2006
 IconAuto Clock ScreenSaver 2.4
Motor-car clock helps Children and Parents navigate time of games and studies.
SIZE: 0.89 MB freeware 23 Oct 2008
  IconFlying Castle Clock ScreenSaver 2.4
Laputa Clock offers you a secret trip to the fictional land of the flying rock.
SIZE: 1.16 MB freeware 07 Nov 2008
 IconChristmas walk-around Clock 2.7
gather together with friends and Santa Claus to dance in a Christmas walk-around
SIZE: 1.12 MB freeware 24 Nov 2009
  IconFriends Christmas Clock screensaver 3.0
Friends Christmas Clock reminds you to prepare greeting cards for all your frien
SIZE: 1.47 MB freeware 24 Nov 2009
 IconFire Element Clock screensaver 2.7
Combine fiery humor with igneous energy and passion via our Fire Element Clock!
SIZE: 1.02 MB freeware 30 Sep 2009
  IconNatural Harmony Clock Screen Saver 3.0
Fluid watery structure of the world and blooming element of earth.
SIZE: 5.33 MB freeware 09 May 2011
 IconMagic Forest Clock ScreenSaver 3.0
Welcome to the most enchanted world of the Secret Life of Forest!
SIZE: 5.61 MB freeware 23 Oct 2012