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Related product from CAD-KAS GbR:
 IconCAD KAS PDF Editor 3.3
Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text etc.
SIZE: 5.20 MB demo 22 Feb 2012
  IconMID 2 WAV 1.0
Convert MID files into WAV files with one click!
SIZE: 0.33 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconMPEG AVI DVD Cutter 1.0
Cut out advertisements and parts you do not like of your DVDs and video files.
SIZE: 1.20 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconFamily Tree-Printery 3.0
Create and print your family tree with pictures and resumes
SIZE: 0.64 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconPaper 2 PDF 1.6
Scan the documents and then save them with all the sheets in one pdf file.
SIZE: 1.01 MB demo 08 Jun 2009
  IconCD-Cover 1.1
Print you own CD Covers for your Audio and Data CDs or DVDs!
SIZE: 0.70 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconPDF Split and Merge 1.0
Extract pages from pdf files, combine pdf files, change the order of the pages.
SIZE: 1.76 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconPDF-Creator 2.0
Create PDF files from each application able to produce a printer output.
SIZE: 3.91 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconWeb ImageGrabber 2.1
Download all pictures on any homepage. Follows all links to find all pictures
SIZE: 0.70 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconPDF Reader 3.0
PDF Reader is a free program to view, modify and print pdf files.
SIZE: 3.70 MB freeware 15 Feb 2010
 IconCalendar-Printery 2.0
Print your personal calendar with all your dates and your favorite picture!
SIZE: 1.26 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconPhoto-Colorizer 2.0
Give your black/white photos realistic colors! Predefined colors skin,sky,water
SIZE: 0.59 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconOCR-TextScan 2 Word 1.0
Don't waste your time: Scan paper documents for editing in word.
SIZE: 0.59 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconPDF-Forms 3.0
Fill out PDF forms, save them and print them. You can add form fields to PDFs.
SIZE: 2.20 MB demo 05 Jul 2009
 IconRingtone Editor 1.0
Create your own ringtones for your realtone mobile! Import from an audio cd.
SIZE: 0.48 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconEasy-FTP 1.0
With Easy-FTP you can transfer files between your PC and a FTP server.
SIZE: 0.43 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconPDF 2 DXF 2.0
Convert PDF files with CAD drawings inside into DXF files.
SIZE: 1.74 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconFace-OP 2.0
Disfigure and distort photos (e.g. faces) merrily.
SIZE: 0.60 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconFont-Effects 2.0
Text creation tool that produces graphics for use in presentations or on the Web
SIZE: 0.76 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconPDF 2 HTML 1.4
PDF 2 HTML can open PDF files. It recognizes the texts, the layout and images
SIZE: 0.75 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconMosaic-Pictures 2.1
Create your own mosaic pictures (assembled from different smaller pictures).
SIZE: 0.63 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconAny Files for Poster 2.0
The program converts documents of any program like Word, Excel etc. into bitmaps
SIZE: 0.55 MB demo 04 Nov 2002
 IconPDF-PhotoAlbum 1.0
Now you can create you digital photo albums as professional PDF files!
SIZE: 0.66 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconMeta-Morpher 1.0
Morphing program which transforms one picture step wise into another.
SIZE: 0.63 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconPDF Password Recovery 1.0.2
Have you lost the password to remove the pdf encryption? No problem!
SIZE: 1.79 MB demo 18 Nov 2010
  IconPool Billiard 1.0
A little Billiard simulation. You can play against the computer or a real person
SIZE: 0.25 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
 IconPaper/Picture 2 DXF 2.0
Convert CAD drawings from paper sheets or pictures into digital DXF files.
SIZE: 0.60 MB demo 12 Nov 2010
  IconPDFs Merge 2 One 2.0
Combine a couple of existing PDF files and merge them into one PDF file.
SIZE: 0.59 MB demo 04 Jul 2009
 IconC 2 Delphi Converter 1.0
Convert C source code into Delphi/Pascal source code.
SIZE: 0.74 MB demo 03 Jan 2009
  IconCNC Backplot Editor 1.0
Plot the tool movements of any G-Code program to the screen. Debug NC code
SIZE: 0.91 MB demo 07 Apr 2008
 IconScreen Recorder 1.0
Record the screen action and create a mpeg or avi movie.
SIZE: 1.17 MB demo 13 Nov 2009
  IconBAT to EXE 1.0
Create exe files yourself out of windows batch files (.BAT).
SIZE: 0.79 MB demo 13 Nov 2009