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Related product from AthTek Software:
 IconAthTek Keylogger 2013.1
AthTek Keylogger secretly records every detail on computer for parental control.
SIZE: 1.46 MB demo 15 Jan 2013
  IconFree Google Translate Desktop 2.1.90
Free desktop translator based on Google Translate service.
SIZE: 0.98 MB freeware 14 May 2013
 IconWebcam Surveillance Standard 2.2
Webcam Surveillance Standard captures activities in front of your webcam.
SIZE: 1.99 MB shareware 24 Oct 2011
  IconPrint Layout Designer 2.0
Advanced print designer and dynamic printing tool for small business.
SIZE: 4.93 MB shareware 20 Jul 2010
 IconFree AthTek Voice Recorder 1.99
AthTek Voice Recorder helps you record and repeat audio from line-in or playlist
SIZE: 0.61 MB freeware 06 Jun 2010
  IconAthTek Voice Recorder 1.99
AthTek Voice Recorder helps you record and repeat audio from call or playlist.
SIZE: 1.57 MB shareware 06 Jun 2010
 IconAthTek Skype Recorder 6
Automatically record Skype calls in high-quality audio and video formats.
SIZE: 5.57 MB shareware 25 Mar 2013
  IconAthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition 2.2.54
NIDS with network monitoring, packet sniffing and traffic analyzing functions.
SIZE: 13.74 MB shareware 07 Sep 2012
 IconAthTek Registry Cleaner 2.0
Deeply scan and clean your PC to solve registry problems and system crashes.
SIZE: 6.06 MB shareware 23 Nov 2012
  IconReinstall DirectX EZ 6.18
Remove DirectX errors easily without changing your operating system.
SIZE: 22.83 MB shareware 25 Jun 2013
 IconAthTek NetWalk Free Edition 2.2.48
Administrate network through network monitoring, packet sniffing and analyzing.
SIZE: 13.74 MB freeware 12 Mar 2012
  IconAthTek WebAPP Kit 2.2
Fast create rich internet applications (RIA) by PC software projects.
SIZE: 3.58 MB freeware 02 Aug 2012
 IconAthTek DigiBand 1.7
AthTek DigiBand is an automatic music composition application for Windows.
SIZE: 49.95 MB shareware 12 Sep 2013
  IconSkype Voice Changer 2.2
Change your voice pitch and send out cute sound emotions in Skype call.
SIZE: 3.79 MB shareware 13 May 2013
 IconAthTek Flowchart to Code 1.0
Automatically create pseudo-code for software development without writing code.
SIZE: 0.78 MB shareware 10 Jan 2013
  IconAthTek Free Voice Changer 1.5
Free Voice Changer which can turn the voice pitch up and down in 24 semitones.
SIZE: 16.00 MB freeware 05 May 2013
 IconAthTek Skype Recorder Lite 1.3
Automatically record both sides of the Skype call in high-quality.
SIZE: 2.07 MB shareware 18 Jun 2013