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 IconAba Daba Deluxe 1.31
Aba Daba Deluxe is a 5-in-a-row tic tac toe with modern interface and skins.
SIZE: 0.79 MB shareware 01 Nov 2009
  IconCrazy Minesweeper 2.21
Play new styled full-featured minesweeper game with Classic and Crazy modes.
SIZE: 0.48 MB shareware 11 Feb 2009
 IconExotic Minesweeper 1.01
Play minesweeper on different boards with unusual tiles.
SIZE: 0.65 MB shareware 17 Jan 2009
  IconDragon Jumper 1.63
Jump with little dragon in the lake, eat fruits, collect diamonds and prizes.
SIZE: 0.79 MB shareware 13 Mar 2009
 IconAstatix Launcher 1.63
Quick start any application in a single click and control Winamp with hotkeys.
SIZE: 0.76 MB shareware 22 Jul 2011
  IconFunny Creatures 2.13
Help Funny Creatures to solve interesting puzzles in the maze.
SIZE: 1.29 MB shareware 01 May 2006
 IconCrazy Tetris 2.21
Tetris with blocks consist not of squares but of triangles.
SIZE: 0.90 MB shareware 09 Sep 2007
  IconExpired Cookies Cleaner 1.03
Remove expired cookie files to speed up your PC and save disk space.
SIZE: 98.00 KB freeware 13 Nov 2011