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Related product from AKVIS LLC:
 IconAKVIS Decorator 1.5
Create artistic effects by changing color and texture of the selected object
SIZE: 26.23 MB shareware 09 Jan 2008
  IconAKVIS Sketch 6.5
Conversion of photos to pencil and watercolor drawings, B&W and color sketches.
SIZE: 17.40 MB shareware 12 Mar 2008
 IconAKVIS Retoucher 2.9
AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient software for photo restoration and retouching.
SIZE: 6.33 MB shareware 08 Jul 2007
  IconAKVIS Enhancer 9.0
AKVIS Enhancer is detail-revealing software for image editing. Supports HDRI.
SIZE: 15.46 MB shareware 26 Mar 2008
 IconAKVIS Chameleon 5.0
Chameleon is an efficient and easy to handle tool for photo collage creation.
SIZE: 11.49 MB shareware 07 Oct 2007
  IconAKVIS Coloriage 5.0
Software for quick colorizing of B&W photos and replacing colors on color photos
SIZE: 15.18 MB shareware 06 Sep 2007
 IconAKVIS LightShop 2.0
AKVIS LightShop lets you create an infinite number of amazing light effects.
SIZE: 13.11 MB shareware 18 Nov 2007
  IconAKVIS ArtSuite 3.0
An impressing collection of versatile effects for decoration of photos
SIZE: 28.80 MB shareware 02 Mar 2008
 IconAKVIS SmartMask 1.2
SmartMask saves you time on complex selections
SIZE: 9.87 MB shareware 05 Feb 2008