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4 Neurons

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 IconPurge (Confidential Files Eraser) 1.06
Purge allows to permanently erase the files from your computer.
SIZE: 0.19 MB shareware 21 Sep 2006
  IconAnalogue Vista Clock 1.34
Analogue Vista Clock is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop.
SIZE: 55.00 KB shareware 26 Mar 2013
 Icon4Neurons Eraser 1.6
4Neurons Eraser deletes the files the way it won't be possible to recover them.
SIZE: 0.31 MB shareware 20 May 2010
  IconFullscreen Photo Viewer 2.2
High quality image viewer for high-resolution pictures.
SIZE: 0.15 MB freeware 19 Mar 2013
 IconAnalogue Vista Clock - Halloween Edition 1.27
An outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop (special Halloween edition).
SIZE: 0.76 MB shareware 27 Oct 2010
  IconMagnifying Glass 1.2
High quality magnification software for your desktop.
SIZE: 0.19 MB freeware 15 Feb 2011
 IconShutdown Screensaver 2.1
Shutdown screensaver can power down, hibernate or restart your computer.
SIZE: 0.22 MB shareware 16 Oct 2012