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ProjectTrack Collaborative Edition 2007.6.2

Planning is the beginning. Use ProjectTrack to successfully execute your plan.
Publisher: iLore
Category: IS/IT Solutions
Version: 2007.6.2
License: shareware
Cost: 199.99$
Size: 16.00 MB
Updated: 21 Feb 2009
Planning is the beginning. ProjectTrack Collaborative Edition is an all-inclusive program that will help you execute your plan.

Includes a license for 30 concurrent users.

Designed by and for project managers, ProjectTrack is a powerfully integrated management tool which keeps ALL information related to a project in one place.

* Keep track of the DETAILS: Tasks, Action Items, Change Requests, Issues, Risks, Milestones, Meetings, People, Teams, and more without spreadsheets or other external programs.
* Centralize all your project DOCUMENTATION. No more searching for documents. Link, store, find, open and send documents from ProjectTrack.
* Easily COMMUNICATE with clients, sponsors and your team, without switching applications.
* Maintain a project JOURNAL, so nothing is left to memory.
* Do you work with MULTIPLE CLIENTS? MULTIPLE PROJECTS? ProjectTrack can handle it.
* START the day with ProjectTrack TODAY. It will show you of the status of your projects and what needs to get done.
* Create and share REPORTS in your favorite format (PDF(r), MS Word(r), MS Excel(r), HTML or Text)
* FILTER information, by creating data filters in plain English, so you can look at what's important to you.
* SPELL-CHECK (in more than 20 languages) what you write, while you write it, and use the included THESAURUS to find the perfect word.
* Email your contacts directly from ProjectTrack. You can even create your own email templates.
* START your favorite applications from ProjectTrack; no need to look for them any more.
* CONFIGURE ProjectTrack to meet your needs and the way you like to work.
* Work using a familiar and intuitive USER INTERFACE.

ProjectTrack allows you to record, maintain and share all your project information from a single location.

The Collaborative Edition is a multi-user application. If you don't need to share information in a multi-user environment, try the Personal Edition. If this sounds too complex, try ProjectTrack Express!

Version: 2007.6.2(08 Dec 2008)
Ability to assign meetings to both companies and projects
Faster loading
Version: 2007.6.1(11 Oct 2008)
Multilanguage - English and Spanish
Ability to rename any field (i.e. Action Item for Task)
Faster loading
Version: 2007.6.0(28 Sep 2008)
Multilanguage - English and Spanish
Ability to rename any field (i.e. Action Item for Task)
Faster loading
Version: 2007.5.0(06 May 2008)
Briefcase Mode - Now you can disconnect from the main database, take your work home and sync back when you return.
Version: 2007.4.4(07 Feb 2008)
Version: 2007.3.9

download (PT2007CS.exe - 16.00 MB)