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Project Reader 4.8.1

Viewer for Microsoft Project mpp files and Project Server
Publisher: K-SOL S.r.l.
Category: Utilities
Version: 4.8.1
License: shareware
Cost: 29$
Size: 977.04 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Project Reader is a Viewer for Microsoft Project. Project Reader is a desktop application that lets you open, print and export Microsoft Project MPP/MPT files , Microsoft Project XML files or Microsoft Project Server without requiring MS Project. The available views are: Gantt Chart, Tracking Gantt, Task Usage, Resource Usage and Resource Sheet. Printing features: all views are printable, print preview, change printer settings, scaling, customizable footer and printing from the command line.
Other functions: tables (add/remove fields, save custom table); task, resource and assignment details; sort by column; resource or group filtering; smart find; custom filters; export to external files: XML and CSV file format; support for the linked projects; support for Microsoft Project tables; support for Google Drive and Dropbox; object model programming via Visual Basic for Application, open files via HTTP;Visual Report on Microsoft Excel and other useful functions.
Project Reader is a cost-effective solution for all your employees to instantly access all Microsoft Project plans, stored in your company computers.

Version: 4.8.1(03 Aug 2015) - pjr481stp.exe
Windows 10 compatible. Contains fixes.
Version: 4.8.0(25 Feb 2015) - pjr480stp.exe
Support to open files from
Version: 4.7.0(09 Apr 2014) - pjr470stp.exe
Compatible with Windows 8.1. Support to open files from Dropbox.
Version: 4.6.0(27 Jun 2013) - pjr460stp.exe
Support to open Microsoft Project 2013 files. Support for Google Drive.
Version: 4.5.0(10 Jan 2013) - pjr450stp.exe
Visual Reports. This features allow you to launch Excel Visual Reports from Project Reader.
Version: 4.4.0(30 Aug 2012) - pjr440stp.exe
Opening projects published on Project Server 2010.
Support for Windows 8.
Version: 4.3.0(28 Jun 2012) - pjr430stp.exe
Object Model programming via Visual Basic for Application.
Create and save custom filter under the menu View->Filter.
Version: 4.2.0(21 Oct 2011) - pjr420stp.exe
Smart find: the find tool allow you to search data, in smart way, depending on the filed type: text, number, date, duration, work and cost.
Customized Project Gantt Views: the custom views are now available under the menu View::Gantt Chart.
Version: 4.1.0(10 Mar 2011) - pjr410stp.exe
Portuguese version.
Faster in opening project's plan and scrolling the Gantt view.
Optimized memory usage.
Order by icon.
Version: 4.0.0(03 Sep 2010) - pjr400stp.exe
Microsoft Project 2010 compatible for .mpp and .mpt file format.
Support for new scheduling modes: manually schedule or automatic schedule.
Support for inactive tasks.
Version: 3.9.0(08 Jan 2010) - pjr390stp.exe
Project Server 2007 compatible. Windows 7 (x32 and x64) compatible.
Version: 3.8.0(31 Jul 2009) - pjr380stp.exe
Tracking Gantt; export via command line.
Version: 3.7.1(11 Feb 2009) - pjr371stp.exe
Version: 3.7.0(16 Nov 2008) - pjr370stp.exe
Gantt Chart graphic enhancements. Some fixes and more.
Version: 3.6.0(29 Jun 2008) - pjr360stp.exe
Export functions: XML and CSV
Version: 3.5.0(25 Sep 2007) - pjr350stp.exe
Maintenance update version
Version: 3.4.1(17 May 2007)
Maintenance update version
Version: 3.4.0(13 May 2007)
Spanish version.Support for Working Time calendar window.
Version: 3.3.2(04 Apr 2007)
Maintenance update version
Version: 3.3.1(19 Mar 2007)
Microsoft Project 2007 compatible for .mpp and .xml file format.Added option to print the notes.Added the notes column into "insert column list".
Version: 3.3.0(03 Jan 2007)
Microsoft Vindows Vista compatibility. Support for Microsoft Project tables.
Version: 3.2.2

download (pjr481stp.exe - 977.04 MB)