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Spyware, keylogger, virus and hacker protection for Windows PCs and Servers.
Category: Utilities
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 3.58 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Privatefirewall integrated desktop firewall and multi-layer intrusion prevention software delivers signature-less, zero-hour protection from known or new spyware, keyloggers, viruses, hacking techniques and other intrusions on Windows desktops and servers.

Privatefirewall is comprised of several distinct protection layers including desktop firewall, port manager, URL filtering, process monitor, anti-logger, and application/system behavior modeling and anomaly detection components. Privatefirewall evaluates WinAPI calls and analyzes a comprehensive list of system variables and security-sensitive registry keys and alerts administrators to possible malware, attack, or policy violations.

Privatefirewall?s layered approach to PC and enterprise endpoint defense addresses the Windows vulnerabilities that hackers exploit to gain unauthorized system access and cause damage to private systems and data. Privatefirewall models and monitors system behavior to identify and block activity characteristic of known malware, hacking, phishing and other threat types so that personal computer users and IT managers within small, medium or large organizations can more effectively and proactively protect the environments and private data for which they are responsible.

Internet and network security settings, untrusted web sites and IPs, and the manner in which software applications and related processes can access the Internet can be easily configured via Privatefirewall?s intuitive management console.

Privatefirewall is absolutely free of charge for personal or business use and supports Windows 8/8.1 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista (32 and 64 bit), Server 2008/R2 (32 and 64 bit), Server 2003 (32 bit) and Windows XP (32 bit).

Version: Oct 2013)
Added support for Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit).
Version: Jan 2013)
Added support for Windows 8 (32/64 bit). Added "Copy Remote IP/s to Clipboard" and "Copy Selection to Clipboard" right mouse click options from firewall log.
Version: Jun 2012)
Enhanced keylogger defense on 64 and 32 bit OS environments.
Version: Apr 2012)
Enhanced Process Monitor, comparable logger and leak defense in 64 and 32 bit OS environments.
Version: Feb 2012)
Added application specific IP address rules configuration. Added ability to define fw rule order. Updated drivers reviewed/signed by Microsoft Winqual. Enhanced driver binding implementation. Resolved failed Kill3f and fileacc1 leak tests. Addressed several minor bugs/defects.
Version: Oct 2011)
Added Select All option for Trusted Publishers. Added Terminate Process option on Port Tracking screen. Added Trusted Publishers to Settings Export. Added ability to select multiple applications in Process Monitor, Applications, Detected Applications and Trusted Publishers.
Version: Sep 2011)
Added Restricted Rights feature. Added log level control. Added alert time-out options. Added firewall log options.
Version: Jul 2011)
Added automatic version check and update download option.
Version: Jul 2011)
Enhanced alerting and reporting options.
Version: Jun 2011)
Added IPv6 support and anti-logger defense.
Version: Dec 2010)
Verified for Windows 7 SP1
Version: Dec 2010)
Unicode support, fast user switch (multi-user) support, updated Microsoft Winqual reviewed/signed drivers, etc.
Version: Dec 2010)
Added settings import/export feature. Added "Always display alerts for outgoing connections" option. Added "Disable startup splash screen" option.
Version: Nov 2010)
enhanced packet inspection, improved leak, general bypass, spying and termination defense, modified default rule-set, etc.
Version: Aug 2010)
Added process termination and inter-process keyboard monitoring capabilities, plus many other fixes and enhancements.
Version: Jun 2010)
Win 7 32/64 bit compatible
Version: May 2010)
Win 7 32/64 bit compatible
Version: 7.0(21 Oct 2009)
Version: 6.1(27 Jul 2009)
Version: 5.0(15 Aug 2006) - privatefirewall.exe
Version: 4.0 - privatefirewall

download (privatefirewall.exe - 3.58 MB)