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priPrinter is a virtual printer with powerful, interactive print preview.
Publisher: Pelikan Software KFT
Category: Electronic books
License: shareware
Cost: 34.95$
Size: 3.69 MB
Updated: 24 Jan 2016
priPrinter is a virtual printer with powerful and interactive print preview. With priPrinter you may print from any application with printer support, preview and check pages in many ways and print to a real printer after that. priPrinter may print to any printer, in single or double sided mode. priPrinter supports multiple pages on a single paper sheet. Page layout is very flexible and can be selected from a predefined list of changed on the fly. Booklets and posters are supported. priPrinter is able to remove empty pages or just big margins, footers or headers. priPrinter supports watermarks, page numbers and more. Also you may measure graphics on the page, check used fonts and bitmaps, search for specific phrase. In addition, you can print to images.

Version: Jun 2014)
This update is almost about fixes and improvements of existing features: bookmarks, drag& drop,changes in quick access toolbar, many small changes and fixes
Version: May 2013)
New MS Office 2013 color theme, Ink saving mode was improved very much, Additional ability to configure duplex printers was added. Minor issues and fixes
Version: Oct 2012)
Combine pages is improved, 64-bits issue is fixed, Paste issue is fixed, Installer was imroved, Page delete by shortcut was fixed, PDF - inline imange issue is fixed, many small fixes and changes.
Version: Apr 2012)
Reverse Pages option in print wizard dialog is now separated for singe and double sided mode. Fixed an inconsistent behavior in built in text editor and copying area to clipboard in 3d view mode. Help for poster dialog was added. Few fixes in Arabic translation.
Version: Nov 2011)
Scripting engine is added, System Preferences dialog localization is added, Swedish translation is added, New page flipping animation, Many changes and fixes
Version: Apr 2010)
Single installer for 32 and 64 bit versions, Text correction is added, Search and Replace is added, Many small changes and fixes.
Version: Jul 2009)
Croatian translation is added, Fixed a bug with saving priPrinter file
Version: Jul 2009)
Fixed a bug in 3D preview mode. Previously 3D preview didn't work on several video cards, Few hotkeys are fixed.
Version: Jun 2009)
Fixed a bug with missing text in preview window, Drag and drop is improved, Silent print mode is added, Page selection is improved, Corrections in German translation, Few small fixes and changes.
Version: Apr 2009)
Page rotation is added, Page rearranged by mouse drag is added, Internet update, RTL booklets, Improved rendering performance, Many small changes and fixes
Version: Apr 2009)
Wrong rendering of ellipses or circles is fixed.
Version: Mar 2009)
Italian translation is added, few minor fixes
Version: Jan 2009)
Fixed a crash related to empty form name.
Version: Dec 2008)
Fixed a bug related to incorrect line width and pattern. Auto configuration for Brother printers is added. For example Brother HL-4050CDN. Few bugs related to booklet mode are fixed.
Version: Nov 2008)
Fixed an installer bug related to "Do not create shortcuts" option, Fixed a crash when no physical printers were installed, Fixed a bug with using custom paper forms, Crash with "Auto Crop" commands is fixed, Main menu -> "Copy Image to Clipboard" is fixed, Fixed a bug with 180 deg rotated text
Version: Nov 2008)
3D Preview is added.
German translation is added.
Insert picture command is added.
Insert source page numbers command is added.
Repeat command is added.
Advanced customization for auto-duplex printers is added.
Fixed a bug with Unicode text. It happened in Opera in Vista.
Fixed a bug with printing from Opera. Bug caused driver crash.
Fixed a small bug with selecting default archive location.
Fixed a bug with printing to custom page size.
Fixed a bug with content scaling factor. Related to print from MS Excel.
Added ability to duplicate text and graphics with help of Ctrl+Left mouse drag.
When inserting Text, it is possible now to enter multiple lines of text.
Many improvements related to watermarks, page numbers, and custom text.
Many other small fixes and optimizations.
Version: Sep 2008)
Fixed a crash problem when PNG image is printed from MS Office
Version: Aug 2008)
Now priPrinter driver recognizes the JPEG or PNG images. This internal feature allows application to send images in native format without decoding. It may reduce file size and increase print speed. For example MS Office can use this feature. Fixed few memory allocation problems.
Version: Aug 2008)
Input tray selection is added,
Added ability to customize input trays,
Toolbars customization is added. Unnecessary buttons now could be removed from toolbars,
Notication about new print job is sligtly changed: minimized priPrinter will not notify user anymore,
Work with inserted text (watermarks, comments or page numbers) is improoved,
Chaged loupe position code for multi-monitor systems,
Fixed a bug with flipped graphics,
Fixed a bug with Arabic - Hebrew text,
Fixed a bug with registrarion from administartor account for user accounts,
Fixed a bug which caused incorrect back side rotation in automatic duplex mode,
With printing one page in automatic duplex mode empty back side will be not inserted anymre,
Changes in options dialog,
Installer: added version to first page,
Many small fixes and changes.
Version: Jul 2008)
Fixed a bug with missing network printers. Fixed a bug which caused incorrect back side rotation in automatic duplex mode.
Fixed a bug with page numbers in booklet mode.
Added optimization in order to hande very large files, larger than 100 mb for instance. Now priPrinter should unload unused images and fonts from memory.
Load progress indicator is improved.
Save progress indicator is added.
Many small fixes.
Many corrections in help system
Version: Jul 2008)
First release
Fix in printer config dialog
Fix in installer for Win XP x64
Version: Jun 2008)
First release
Fix in printer config dialog
Fix in installer for Win XP x64
Version: Beta(02 Jun 2008)
File > Save command - fixed.
Fixed bug in Go To page dialog.
Size of printer monitor (plkmon32.dll) is significantly reduced.
64-bit version is available.
Fixes in installer for Windows Vista?.
New status bar with zoom slider.
New tooltips.
New menus.
Many small fixes.
Version: Beta(08 May 2008)
Smooth zoom.
DPI option in printer options is added.
Cursor customization is added.
Check for non supported operations systems is added.
Improvements in Search dialog.
Preview window > Right Click menu -> Save Image As... Image highlight has been added.
Print to bitmaps: one more nois
Version: Beta

download (priPrinterSetup.exe - 3.69 MB)