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Print Censor Professional 5.60

Control and avoid excessive printer usage
Publisher: Usefulsoft
Category: Printers
Version: 5.60
License: shareware
Cost: 169$
Size: 3.86 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Control printer use and avoid excessive printer usage. Print Censor Professional allows easily viewing, controlling and restricting printer usage on the network, saving hundreds of dollars in supplies by eliminating duplicate, restricted and unauthorized print jobs. The printer usage monitor can be accessed easily from any workstation on the network. Set group and user restrictions on printer usage, set and modify printing quotas, pause or block new print jobs, etc.

Get control of your printing costs! Print Censor Professional provides highly customizable printing cost adjustments based on media type and size, type and name of each printer on your network. You can pause or review new print jobs before letting them go through, which leads to considerable savings in case of big printing jobs and expensive colors and stationery. Saving money is easy when you control printer usage with Print Censor Professional.

Control how many jobs or sheets each user or group of users on your network can print. Quotas and restrictions are easy to set and to lift without leaving a chair: Print Censor Professional allows controlling printer usage from any network workstation on your LAN. You can view who printed what, when, and on which printer with Print Censor Professional's advanced printer usage monitor combined with a comprehensive log analyzer.

Managing multiple printers is just as easy as controlling a single printer usage. A convenient print queue manager works for all connected workstations, and allows easily copying and transferring of printer jobs between the printers.

Print Censor Professional is not just a silent guardian controlling your printer usage. It can communicate to printer users by letting them know if their printing job is pending, has been accepted, rejected or completed.

Version: 5.60(22 Mar 2013)
1. Added report by Color of documents.
2. Added icons for print history on the printers page.
3. Improved page counting for several printer manufacturers.
4. Fixed the document pausing.
5. Fixed auto resume and auto delete print jobs.
Version: 5.50.199(15 Jan 2013)
Added "Virtual Printer" option. For this printers the quotas and restrictions will be disabled.
Added new version checking.
Improved support for many Epson printers.
Improved localization for messages.
Version: 5.42.197(24 Sep 2012)
Improved page count and copies determination for several printers.
Fixed incorrect pausing of print jobs.
Version: 5.41.195(23 Apr 2012)
Improved page count and copies determination for:
- HP and Konica Minolta Host Based printers for remote connections (ZjStream)
- HP and Konica Minolta Host Based printers (ZIMF).
- Canon Host Based printers (CAPT).
Fixed retrieving emails for users from Active Directory on Windows 64 bit.
Version: 5.30.193(15 Mar 2012)
Improved page count and copies determination for several HP and Kyosera PCL printers.
Improved work with printer folders.
Fixed updating of printers list when adding a new printer.
Fixed "Save as..." print job command for Windows 7 64 bit.
Fixed retrieving Active Directory information.
Version: 5.30.191(14 Feb 2012)
Improved pausing options. Now you can setup Resume and Delete options separately.
This is can be useful to delete print jobs after some time if printer has error.
Fixed "Print Server Properties" option for remote computers.
Improved the "Printer Web Page" command for several printers.
Version: 5.21.180(29 Nov 2010)
[+] Now you can change number of decimal digits for cost up to 3.
[+] Added Greek translation.
[*] Improved page count determination for several printers.
[*] Improved stability.
[*] Fixed several bugs.
Version: 5.20.174(22 Jun 2009)
Improved messages format by email and Print Informer.
Now you can use %user, %printer, %computer and %status variables.
Fixed informing by email.
Version: 5.20.173(09 Apr 2009)
[+] Added support of nested groups for print restrictions.
[+] Added notifications by email about restrictions.
[+] Added notifications for managers about restrictions.
[+] Now it is possible to use emails for users from Active Directory.
[+] Now you can limit the printing of duplicate documents.
Version: 5.18.172(16 Mar 2009)
Improved Printer Color status determination.
Fixed reports by Ports.
Fixed sorting for Ports and Content on the Reports page.
Version: 5.18.171(25 Feb 2009)
Improved command "Queue manager only" (Available from main menu Options).
Printer folders creation fixed.
Fixed support Windows 2008.
Version: 5.16.170(27 Jan 2009)
[*] Now it is work with Windows 7.
[*] Improved registration for Windows Vista with UAC.
Queue page:
[*] Fixed commands "Open as Text..." and "External Viewer..." for print jobs.
[*] Fixed quotas and restrictions for groups.
[*] Fixed uninstall.
Version: 5.14.169(18 Nov 2008)
Queue page:
Fixed Advanced options from context menu for print jobs.
Resources page:
Added print processors.
Now you can see count of Ports, Drivers, Forms, Monitors and Processors.
Version: 5.12.168(06 Oct 2008)
Now you can select Deny or Allow list for document title, computer and paper name for printing.
Export and import TCP/IP printer ports. Now you can migrate your TCP/IP ports from one print server to another.
"Export to Local Computer" for TCP/IP printer ports, drivers and port monitors.
Version: 5.1.167(16 Jul 2008)
Queue page:
New interface with Print Folders.
Now you can create your own folders and sort your printers by type, location and any other parameters.
You can view comment for computers.
Improved access to network printers.
Improved "Duplicate printer" command. Now you can select printer name.
Version: 5.1.164(19 May 2008)
Fixed rename and duplicate port commands for remote connection.
Improved network printers deletion.
Improved Faxes support.
Fixed copying/moving print jobs.
Fixed reports loading from remote computers.
Version: 5.1.161(17 Mar 2008)
[+] Redesigned lockout. Now you can set restrictions per user. Also you can allow some users control other users.
[+] New lockout option for print jobs preview in print queue.
[+] New messages for users and managers about paused print jobs.
[*] Improved quotas for pages and cost.
Version: 4.9.153(29 Aug 2007)
Added support of the printer pooling: now you can create reports for printers port name.
Added option "Use advanced color determination" for quotas on color.
Improved print jobs status - now you can see the "processing" status of the print jobs.
Version: 4.8.150(28 May 2007)
[+] Added plotter icon on the "Printers" page.
[*] Improved print jobs pausing.
[*] Improved stability.
Version: 4.8(04 Apr 2007)
Now you can preview HPGL print jobs (all HP plotters).
Added Copies determination for ESC/PAGE, POSTSCRIPT and PCL6(PCLXL).
Added compatability with Windows Vista.
Limiting print jobs for each printer, user and group by duplex and quality.
New restriction actions and many other improvements.
Version: 4.8 Release Candidate(17 Mar 2007)
Updated help file.
Improved restriction by Quality, now you can restrict print jobs by DPI.
Fixed restriction by Title.
Fixed export to BMP, TIFF, Jpeg and Gif.
Version: 4.8 Release Candidate(17 Mar 2007)
Updated help file.
Improved restriction by Quality, now you can restrict print jobs by DPI.
Fixed restriction by Title.
Fixed export to BMP, TIFF, Jpeg and Gif.
Version: 4.8 beta 4(01 Mar 2007)
Some messages was added for operations with print jobs.
Fixed printing the Printers tab.
Improved "Resume print jobs automatically" options.
Fixed restrinctions by Username, Title, Paper Size and Computer.
Version: 4.8 beta 2(15 Feb 2007)
Added determination of copies for PCL print jobs.
Added French, German, Italian, Spanish languages.
Improved logs for Color, Duplex and Quality restrictions.
Fixed preview for large print jobs.
Version: 4.8 beta(15 Jan 2007)
Added compatability with Windows Vista.
Limiting print jobs for each printer, user and group by duplex and quality.
The locked print jobs will be locked even after server restart.
New restriction action: allow print and change print job priority.
Version: 4.7

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