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Precision Genealogical Tools 4.0

Suitable for beginners and professional genealogists alike, this software's aim
Publisher: Moorhouse Software Services
Category: Genealogy
Version: 4.0
License: shareware
Cost: 34$
Size: 1.21 MB
Updated: 25 Oct 2006
Announcing a different way to record, chart and share genealogical information ...There are many different programs that set out to record your family tree and present it in an attractive format. But how accurate is that tree? If someone were to check your tree, how certain can you be that there are no glaring discrepancies lurking in there? If there was such a discrepancy, how much work would need to be done to rectify the problem? Precision Genealogical Tools is a researcher's toolbox. It enables you to enter in from scratch a variety of genealogical information - primary, secondary and miscellaneous, which can be used to produce family trees, but also analyse and check a family tree for accuracy in a far greater variety of ways than is possible with other products. Precision Genealogical Tools is a product that aims to take the problems out of sharing data, should you wish to share it. Apart from using cryptographic techniques to encrypt data before sending - which we feel is a critical issue that is not sufficiently addressed by other programs; the program has the ability to identify data that has been exported elsewhere, modified, and then brought back in. The program can be used also for family reconstruction projects, and for one-name studies where collaboration is important. There is no predefined structure within which Precision Genealogical Tools tries to constrain your data, and there is no necessity to enter data that relates to existing data. The program can be used to test Multiple Candidacy theories you may have, and to reverse and reapply the links if further research proves a theory to be false - without disturbing the Primary data that you have collected. Precision Genealogical Tools can also be used to import GED format files and present your data in a way that is much more relevant to researchers than is possible with other programs.

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