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PowerGREP 4.5.0

Find the files and information you want; search and replace large sets of files
Publisher: Just Great Software
Category: Utilities
Version: 4.5.0
License: shareware
Cost: 159$
Size: 13.69 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Quickly find information in files and folders across your computer or network, even if you do not know in advance exactly what you are looking for. PowerGREP's rich Perl-compatible regular expression support allows you to search for virtually anything by specifying the form of what you want, and let PowerGREP find the actual text matching that form. PowerGREP's documentation includes a detailed regular expression tutorial, with many simple and complex examples.

Search through plain text files such as source code, letters and correspondence, server or system logs, reference texts, historic archives, etc. Search through through binary files, Unicode files, UNIX and Mac text files, files stored in zip archives, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Acrobat PDF files, etc.

Don't limit yourself to getting a list of files or search matches. Extract useful information from large sets of data or heaps of documents. Distill statistics and knowledge from all kinds of log files or archives.

Perform comprehensive search-and-replace operations across large numbers of files for easy maintenance or fast editing of web sites, source code, reports, etc. Preview and inspect the results of the search and replace before actually modifying files. Replace or revert individual search matches in a full-featured file editor. Stay safe with a variety of backup options. Undo changes or clean up backup files in the Undo History.

Save PowerGREP actions and invoke them from the command line to automate recurring tasks. Developers can integrate PowerGREP actions and results with enterprise software through PowerGREP's open XML file formats.

Version: 4.5.0(20 Mar 2013)
Automatic drive letter updates; improved making and reverting replacements after previewing or executing a search-and-replace; improved handling of files in proprietary formats; improved compatibility with WINE on Linux
Version: 4.4.0(01 Nov 2012)
Full support for Windows 8
Version: 4.3.3(30 Apr 2012)
Native 64-bit support allowing more than 2 GB of search results and IFilter support on 64-bit Windows. Temporary files can now be kept in RAM for improved performance. Improved handling of large archives.
Version: 4.3.0(16 Feb 2012)
Native 64-bit support allowing more than 2 GB of search results and IFilter support on 64-bit Windows. Temporary files can now be kept in RAM for improved performance.
Version: 4.2.4(17 Oct 2011)
Improved handling of XLS files.
Version: 4.2.2(20 Jul 2011)
Improved handling of PDF and XLS files. Improved handling of compressed files. New /file and /fileexclude command line parameters.
Version: 4.2.1(25 Feb 2011)
Improved handling of WordPerfect documents; improved copying rich text to the clipboard; fixed support for ASCII with XML/HTML entities
Version: 4.2.0(12 Jan 2011)
New action type for searching through file names; better handling of the read-only attribute on files; improved handling of backup files for sequences
Version: 4.1.2(12 Aug 2010)
Much improved support for searching through Excel 2007 and 2010 files (XLSX)
Version: 4.1.1(08 Jul 2010)
Major new features: rename files, merge files, quick search, search-and-delete, sequences, filter files, show context, 7-zip, rar, right-to-left text languages
Version: 3.5.5(06 Sep 2009)
RegexMagic integration
Version: 3.5.4(26 Aug 2009)
RegexMagic integration
Version: 3.5.2(11 Mar 2009)
Improved PDF and XLS support
Version: 3.5.1(05 Jan 2009)
Improved PDF and XLS support
Version: 3.5.0(13 May 2008)
Full support for Office 2007 XML-based file formats; greatly improved performance when searching for lists with thousands of search terms
Version: 3.4.2(18 Jul 2007)
Improved handling of Excel files; character escapes supported in replacement text; create portable installation from within the installer
Version: 3.4.0(25 Jun 2007)
Improved handling of files in proprietary file formats like MS Office and PDF; improved regex engine
Version: 3.3.3(19 Apr 2007)
Improved Windows Vista compatibility; improved handling of .zip files
Version: 3.3.2(14 Dec 2006) - SetupPowerGREPDemo.exe
Windows Vista compatible
Version: 3.2.2 - hlpscr.exe

download (SetupPowerGREPDemo.exe - 13.69 MB)