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POKERobot 0.958

POKERobot wins for you in Full-Auto mode, and let you rock in Semi-Auto mode!
Publisher: POKERobot
Category: Games
Version: 0.958
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 1.47 MB
Updated: 21 May 2013
POKERobot is both an auto playing poker robot and an online texas holdem stats calculator. It displays your chance to win and suggests what action you should take, preflop, turn and river. You can adjust it's playing style and select from 3 modes of play: full-auto, semi-auto and odds calculator mode. No-Limit Holdem play is possible in semi-auto mode.

Features include:

# AI - POKERobot uses Artifical Intelligence.
# Multiple tables - the bot can play on a unlimited number of tables.
# Card recognition - the cards are read automatically.
# Pot odds to call.
# Implied odds added to pot odds.
# Simulation - games are randomly simulated to identify profitable decisions (Check-raise etc.).
# Chance to win - calculation based on opponent modeling, player stats and simulations.
# Opponent modeling uses an artificial neural network for betting pattern recognition.
# Player stats - memorizes the opponents' playing style, used for implied odds and hand odds.
# Automatically changes playing style to fit real money/play money tables and optimize player assumptions.
# Randomized response time, to simulate an unpredictable human being.
# Response time setting for customized behaviour.
# Semi-Auto mode - The bot folds all bad hands automatically and you play the good hands yourself!
# Watch mode - If you disable autoplay, you will still get tips/stats from the bot!
# Auto-stop timer - Set a time limit for how long the bot should play.
# Hand strength bar - Your hand strength is displayed graphically for easy monitoring.
# No-Limit Holdem is supported in Semi-Auto mode.

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Version: 0.958(19 Mar 2007)
The cards now show up correctly in POKERobot. Fixed some minor issues. .
Version: 0.95(12 Mar 2007)
Improved poker room support. Improvements to the popular semi-auto mode. General improvements on neural.
Version: 0.93

download (pokerobotsetup.exe - 1.47 MB)