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PikNix Hosting Service 1.3

Complete ISP server on LiveCD. Apache2, Bind9, Postfix, MySQL, Webmin ...
Publisher: Pikaia Limited
Category: Internet
Version: 1.3
License: shareware
Cost: 149$
Size: 461.58 MB
Updated: 13 Mar 2007
The Hosting Service CD has everything needed to run a web site hosting business. Place CD into a PC or server with some empty disk space and after a few minutes of initial configuration you are ready to start selling website hosting, email, DNS management, reseller accounts, trouble tickets and all standard hosting services . 30 day trial.

* Nothing to install. All OS, programs, servers and packages run directly from the CD. Boot and go. The only thing stored on the hard drive is user web sites, data and local system configurations.
* No complex system upgrades. PikNix will periodically supply new CD iso images with the latest kernel, package and security upgrades. Simply remove the old CD and reboot with the new CD and you have a total system upgrade to the latest package versions, (or any extra goodies that may be added to the hosting service).
* Open Source. The majority of packages supplied on this CD are from the open source community.
* 10 minutes to configure a complete hosting service. (Assumes a basic knowledge of the Internet addressing, DNS and email delivery principles.) .
* Professional assistance and support available from Pikaia Ltd and the PikNix team.
* Browser based, providing remote administration of all server and hosting service operations and customers.
* Browser based customer control panel, database management and webmail.
* Ability to create various

This system includes, but is not limited to:
* IPSConfig hosting administration and customer control panel with reseller capability and invoicing.
* Webmin server configuration.
* Apache 2
* MySQL 4.1
* PHP4.3
* Postfix MTA
* POP3, POP3 (SSL), IMAP, IMAP (SSL) email.
* KDE3 GUI desktop with many tools and utilities.
* Webalizer web site statistics.
* AWStats web site statistics.
* Spamassassin anti-spam email filtering.
* Clamav anti-virus email filtering.

download ( - 461.58 MB)