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PDF Split Merge ActiveX 2.0.2011.1111

Split and Merge PDF Files with PDF Split Merge ActiveX
Publisher: Guangming Software
Category: ActiveX
Version: 2.0.2011.1111
License: shareware
Cost: 149.95$
Size: 2.00 MB
Updated: 06 Dec 2011
PDF Split Merge ActiveX Component can split and merge PDF files for you easily. It is a standalone component and does not depend on Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader. PDF Split Merge can be used to split files by pages, you can split the file into single pages or save every a few pages as a new file, it also can be used to merge multiple PDF files or selected pages from one or more files into a PDF file, preservation of original links, and form fields. PDF Split Merge can be easily integrated into applications written in languages that support ActiveX Component such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, .Net languages, Java, Scripts like Perl, Php, Python. PDF Split Merge is .Net ready, you can integrate it into your web application to provide PDF split and merge solutions for your users. Registered version can be deployed or redistributed FREE, NO additional runtime fee needed NOW!. Features: Split PDF files into multiple files by range; Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF; Standalone, doesn't depend on Adobe Acrobat or Reader ; Provide demos in ASP, ColdFusion, VB, VB Script, Delphi, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net.

Version: 2.0.2011.1111(11 Nov 2011)
Version: 2.0.2011.723(23 Jul 2011)
Version: 2.0.2011.501(01 May 2011)
Version: 2.0.2011.301(01 Mar 2011)
Version: 2.0.2010.1215(15 Dec 2010)
Version: 2.0.2010.1015(15 Oct 2010)
Version: 2.0.2010.801(01 Aug 2010)
Version: 2.0.2010.501(01 May 2010)
Version: 2.0.2010.220(20 Feb 2010)
Version: 2.0.2009.1231(31 Dec 2009)
Version: 2.0.2009.1006(06 Oct 2009)
Version: 2.0.2009.725(25 Jul 2009)
Version: 2.0.2009.601(01 May 2009)
Version: 2.0.2009.501(01 May 2009)
Version: 2.0.2008.1205(05 Dec 2008)
Version: 2.0.2008.618(18 Jan 2008)
Version: 2.0.2008.118(18 Jan 2008)
Version: 2.0.2007.307(07 Mar 2007)
Version: 2.0.2007.101(01 Jan 2007) - PSMSetup.exe
Version: 2.0.2006.506 - Advanced PAD Submitter

download (PSMSetup.exe - 2.00 MB)