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pdf-Office Professional 13

create sophisticated pdf forms and pdf documents from scratch
Publisher: UNIVERSE Software GmbH
Category: Applications
Version: 13
License: commercial
Cost: 138.6$
Size: 33.31 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
pdf-Office Professional is a very progressive software solution to create and save PDF forms and documents.

An easy-to-use solution, pdf-Office Professional has all the form functions that Adobe´s free Acrobat Reader can work with. Interactive forms can be created intuitively, filled out electronically by the user at the PC, and then printed - with all the advantages that the PDF format can provide. Forms can be displayed and worked on the same way on any workstation without the user being able to tamper with the original. A high level of document security enabled by 256-bit encryption ensures maximum data protection where needed.

From simple text boxes to calculated fields to complex programming features in PDF forms, pdf-Office Professional provides everything necessary from the first steps to the creation of highly professional PDF forms. This is not least ensured by an intuitive form editor that allows simple graphic representation of the form fields and text from scratch, as with MS Word. Once created, documents can later be edited or added to in pdf-Office Professional at any time.

This software solution will also help to electronically fill out any preprinted paper forms easily and quickly or save filled out PDF forms.

+++ 100 % Adobe compatible +++ create pdf forms from scratch +++ import, edit and save existing PDF forms & files +++ set TAB order for Acrobat Reader +++ exact positioning via X,Y coordinates or snap to grid feature +++ password, text, calculating form fields, checkboxes, multiline textfields, pull-down fields, radio buttons, formatted form fields +++ Java-Script +++ field validations and calculations +++ centimeter, pixel or inch mode +++ text editor +++ import of background images in gif, jpg, tif, png, bmp, fpx +++ snap to grid +++ scaleability of imported images +++ individual export values +++ border options (each line can switch on/off) +++ AES 256-bit encryption +++ comfortable table tool +++ Shadows and curves +++

Version: 13(15 Mar 2015)
Country fonts, SVG import
Version: 12.2(04 Apr 2013)
copy function for tables
Version: 11.x(04 Apr 2013)
Text editor with improved functionality
Version: 10.x(07 Feb 2012)
supports pdf files with incorrect xref tables
Version: 10.1.2(07 Feb 2012)
supports pdf files with incorrect xref tables
Version: 10.x(19 Oct 2011)
new pdf renderer, new text editor
Version: 9.x(28 Feb 2010)
JavaScript Engine, new pdf renderer
Version: 8.x(23 Apr 2008)
Importing existing PDF forms
Version: 7.x(23 Apr 2008) - ppdf-o.exe
improvement in graphics handling
Version: 6.2(03 Sep 2007)
drawing features included
Version: 6.0.2(11 Aug 2007)
drawing features included
Version: 5.2(14 May 2007)
Version: 5.1(08 Mar 2007)
improvement in graphics handling
Version: 5.0(08 Mar 2007) - OvisPdf-Office.exe
improvement in graphics handling
Version: 4.9(28 Jan 2007)
improvement in graphics handling
Version: 4.8(12 Dec 2006)
improvement in graphics handling
Version: 4.4

download (poprof.exe - 33.31 MB)