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Oxygen Phone Manager II 2.18.15

A complete software tool to manage data and settings of your Nokia.
Publisher: Oxygen Software
Category: Java
Version: 2.18.15
License: demo
Cost: 46$
Size: 10.41 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Oxygen Phone Manager is the most complete software tool for managing the content and settings of a Nokia cellphone from a personal computer. It is compatible with nearly all currently available models of Nokia and can communicate with the phone through different types of connections: a cable, InfraRed or Bluetooth device.

The program offers you an impressive list of management options which are constantly being enhanced with new valuable additions. You can quickly organize and edit the content of your phonebook, sync its content with MS Outlook or Lotus Notes; manage events and tasks, send and receive SMS or MMS messages, image and video gallery and music libraries right from inside the program.

Add to this the ability to personalize the phone with your favorite images, melodies; set your own wallpapers, operator and startup logos. With the personalized settings, your phone becomes the true expression of your style.

Oxygen Phone Manager features an intuitive user interface where the main options and commands are located on the toolbar for convenience. You can easily access and modify the content of your mobile phone through the tree-like folder view just like in Outlook Express. Thanks to the clear interface architecture, you can start working with the suite in a few seconds without having to read a detailed user manual. The program will save you precious time and effort, and without driving you crazy pressing the tiny buttons on the phone. Available for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7.

Version: 2.18.15(24 Mar 2011)
- Added support for Nokia C2-00 (RM-704) and Nokia C2-01 (RM-721, RM-722).
- Added support for Nokia X2-01 (RM-709, RM-717).
Version: 2.18.14(11 Nov 2010)
Added support for Nokia C1-00, Nokia C2 and Nokia C3 series.
Added support for Nokia X2 and Nokia X3 series.
Version: 2.18.13(13 Aug 2010)
Added preliminary support for Nokia C1-00, Nokia C2 and Nokia C3 series.
Added preliminary support for Nokia X2 and Nokia X3 series.
Small internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.12(28 May 2010)
Calendar. Fixed problem with deleting events from Nokia Series 40 5th Edition phones.
Calendar. Fixed problem with certain calendar events handling in Nokia Series 40 6th Edition phones.
SMS Manager. Fixed problem with reading messages from Nokia Series 40 5th Edition phones.
Version: 2.18.11(15 Feb 2010)
- Added support for Nokia 6750 Mural.
Version: 2.18.10(06 Jan 2010)
- Added support for Nokia 2710.
- Added support for Nokia 7230.
- Added support for Nokia 5330 XpressMusic (RM-615).
- Added support for Nokia 6216 classic.
- Added support for Nokia 6303 classic (RM-638).
Version: 2.18.8(16 Nov 2009)
Added support for Nokia 2690 and Nokia 3208 classic.
Added support for Nokia 6350 and Nokia 6700 slide.
Added support for Vertu Signature 2008.
Small internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.7(06 Oct 2009)
Added support for Nokia 3710 fold.
Small internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.5(04 Aug 2009)
Added support for Nokia 3720 classic.
Added preliminary support for Windows 7.
Small internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.4(30 Jun 2009)
Added support for Nokia 2730 classic and Nokia 2720 fold.
Added support for Nokia 5330 XpressMusic and Nokia 6260 slide.
Added support for Nokia 7020 and Nokia 7510 Supernova.
Small internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.3(26 May 2009)
Added support for Nokia 2700 classic, Nokia 6303 classic and Nokia 6700 classic.
Improved support for Nokia 2680, Nokia 6600 fold and Nokia 6600 slide.
Gallery. Improved reading of folders with huge amount of files.
Small internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.2(22 Dec 2008)
Added support for Nokia 2605, Nokia 2608, Nokia 3600 slide, Nokia 3606, Nokia 3608, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 7100 Supernova and Nokia 8208
Improved support for Nokia 6600 fold
Version: 2.18(08 Aug 2008)
- Added support for Nokia Series 40 V5 and Nokia Series 40 V5 Feature Pack 1 phone models.
- SMS Mananger. Custom SMS folders are now sorted by A/Z.
- Call Register. Fixed problem with SMS send button availability for MMS messages recipients.
- Small internal improvements.
Version: 2.17.5(26 May 2008)
Calendar. Added possibility of tasks sorting by an alarm time and end date.
Calendar. Fixed problem which lead to the removal of all messages of the certain type.
SMS Manager. Fixed problem which lead to the wrong data sorting in the "Correspondence" report.
Version: 2.17.4(11 Apr 2008)
- Phonebook. Added a Company column into the contacts list display.
- Phonebook. Fixed problem when it was impossible to edit a Last Name field.
- Calendar. Fixed problem when events less than 30 minutes were not displayed in Planner.
Version: 2.17.3(04 Mar 2008)
- Phonebook. Fixed problem with PTT for Nokia Series 40 V5 phones.
- Phonebook, Export. Fixed problem with exporting Birthday, Company and Job Title fields.
- Calendar, Export. Fixed problem with exporting times in Birthday events.
Version: 2.14(06 Jun 2007)
Added support for Nokia 2626, Nokia 3110 Classic, Nokia 6288.
Improved support for Nokia 6300.
Licensing. Lite Edition allows loading Applications and Games to the phone now.
Version: 2.12.5(21 Dec 2006)
- Added support for Nokia 6102i, 6152.
Calendar. Added support for recurrence end date field of the event.
- Applications and games. Added support for Flash games (*.swf).
- Backup and Restore. Added ability to backup and restore email messages for Nokia Series 40
Version: 2.10.5

download ( - 10.41 MB)