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Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones 2.18.15

Software for Symbian OS phones to PC data synchronization.
Publisher: Oxygen Software
Category: Communications
Version: 2.18.15
License: demo
Cost: 46$
Size: 11.26 MB
Updated: 30 Jan 2010
Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS smartphones lets your PC and mobile Symbian OS phone communicate with each other. The program allows you to work with Phonebook, Calendar, To-Do List, Profiles, Log records, Applications, Images, Melodies and Messages. You can load your phonebook from the phone, edit contacts, set individual contact pictures and ringtone, define Full Name format for each contact, import and export the phonebook's data, and browse detailed information about your contacts using vCard window.
In the Calendar section, you can work with events of various types: Meeting, Reminder, Anniversary, etc. Recurrent events, such as Birthdays, can be easily organized as well.
The Images browser allows you to manage the images stored in your phone including. You can download the images from your phone, delete them and add new ones, save images to several file formats and copy them to the clipboard.
The Melodies and Sounds section allows you to view and listen to the melodies and dictaphone records in your phone, add new melodies or delete unwanted ones.
The Messages section handles all messages in your phone. This section allows you to read Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent, My folders, Mailbox folders content, display basic message types - SMS, MMS, E-mail, Beamed (received via BT or IrDA), BIO (Picture message, Operator Logo, Ringing tone), read and display file attaches for MMS, E-mail and Beamed messages. It allows you to create and delete custom message folders, delete messages from your phone and move them between folders. You also will be able to create and send both plain and Unicode SMS messages to individual recipients as well as to contact groups. Handling To-Do Lists, Profiles and Log records is simple and easy as always.
Application Manager allows you to manage applications and games: get complete list, run and install new applications. Section supports both Symbian and Java applications.

Version: 2.18.15(06 Oct 2009)
Added support for Nokia 5230 (RM-593).
Added support for Nokia 6788.
OxyAgent for Series 60 v3/5 and for UIQ3 devices is certified now. There is no longer need to allow unsigned applications installations anymore. Please, uninstall previous version of OxyAgent before loading new one.
Version: 2.18.14(06 Oct 2009)
Added support for Nokia 6790 slide.
Added support for Nokia E63-5 and Nokia E72-5.
Minor internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.12(04 Aug 2009)
Added support for Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.
Added support for Nokia 6760 slide and Nokia 6790 Surge.
Added support for Samsung GT-i8510 (INNOV8) and Sasmung GT-i8910 (OMNIA HD).
Added preliminary support for Windows 7.
Minor internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.11(30 Jun 2009) -
Added support for Nokia E72 and Nokia 6730 classic.
Improved support for Nokia E52, Nokia N97 and Nokia 5730 XpressMusic.
General. Total number of supported smartphones exceeds 200 models now!
Minor internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.10(26 May 2009)
Added support for Nokia E52, Nokia E55 and Nokia E75.
Added support for Nokia N86 and Nokia N97.
Added support for Nokia 5630 XpressMusic and Nokia 5730 XpressMusic.
Added support for Nokia 6710 Navigator and Nokia 6720 Classic.
Phonebook. Added support for Big Photo and Notify Text field.
Version: 2.18.9(22 Dec 2008)
Added support for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia E63
Improved connectivity support for Nokia E66
General. When closing OxyAgent for Series 60 v3 after Bluetooth session it opens Bluetooth settings offering to switch it off
Messages. Fixed problem with loading section data raised sometimes
Version: 2.18.7(07 Aug 2008)
- Added support for DoCoMo NM706i - Nokia 6124 prototype.
- Improved support for Sony Ericsson G900i.
- Messages. Fixed problem which occurred while opening a context menu in folders without messages.
- Minor internal improvements.
Version: 2.18.5(26 May 2008)
- Added support for Sony Ericsson G700i and Sony Ericsson G900i.
- Added preliminary support for Nokia E71 and Nokia 6650.
- Phonebook. Improved support for contacts pictures in UIQ3 devices.
- Phonebook. Fixed problem when a current date was displayed in an empty Anniversary field in UIQ3
Version: 2.18.4(23 Apr 2008)
Added support for Nokia 6124 Classic, Nokia 6220 Classic, Nokia N78 and Nokia N96.
Added preliminary support for Sony Ericsson G900i.
Connectivity. Improved support for the latest Nokia cable drivers.
Version: 2.18.2(04 Mar 2008)
- Improved support for Nokia N82 and Nokia N95 8 Gb.
- Added preliminary support for Nokia N78, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6220 Classic.
- Calendar, Export. Fixed problem with Monthly report.
Version: 2.14.5(21 Jun 2007)
- Added support for Sony Ericsson P1i, Sony Ericsson P1c and Samsung i400.
- Added Backup and Restore wizards. Current version supports operations within single model on a limited number of sections.
- Export. Fixed security bug allowed to export data from password protected phones.
Version: 2.14(14 Apr 2007)
Added preliminary support for Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6120 Classic.
General. Added "Load all phones information from disk when program starts" option. Turning it off you can speed up the startup procedure of the program.
General. Added ability to print reports from any section.
Version: 2.13(07 Mar 2007)
- Added support for Nokia E61i, E65, N76, N93i.
- Added preliminary support for Nokia 6290, E62, E90, N77, N95.
- Improved support for Nokia 5500, N71.
- Added support for Windows Vista.
- Phonebook, Calendar. Added support for Microsoft Outlook 2007 import and export functionality.
Version: 2.12(05 Dec 2006)
Added support for UIQ3 phones: Sony Ericsson M600i, M608c, P990i, W950i, W958c.
Phonebook. Added ability to save and load contacts and groups to single file (*.pbc).
Calendar. Exporting events to Lotus Notes is available now.
Messaging. Added ability to save and load messages from file.
Version: 2.10

download ( - 11.26 MB)