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Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2013.5

Achieve or avoid pregnancy using a custom ovulation calendar and diet tracker
Publisher: SeaApple Software
Category: Health and Nutrition
Version: 2013.5
License: shareware
Cost: 24.95$
Size: 9.97 MB
Updated: 06 Feb 2014
Ovulation Calendar Calculator calculates your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy or to avoid it. The program charts your ovulation cycle on a monthly calendar and an easy to follow graph. You can then use this information predict the calendar days you are most likely to be fertile so that you can achieve or avoid pregnancy. Every woman's ovulation cycle has many days with low probability of pregnancy, and a few good days to get pregnant and best days to conceive a boy or to conceive a girl. The program helps you discover these optimal days. Includes a Calorie Counter, Weight Tracker, Exercise Tracker, Baby Sleep Monitor, Feeding Alarm Clock. And tools to help you stay organized; track your events on a calendar, use a daily to do list, project manager, helps you make decisions and keep lists of things.

Version: 2013.5(12 Nov 2013)
Version: 2013.3(26 Jun 2013)
Version: 2013.1(04 Feb 2013)
Added windows 8 support
lowered price
Version: 2012.3(10 May 2012)
Version: 2012.2.1(10 May 2012)
Version: 2012.2(27 Mar 2012)
Version: 2011.2(19 Jul 2011)
Version: 2011.1(27 May 2011)
Updated Weekly Calendar
changed price
Version: 2011(12 Feb 2011)
Updated Weekly Calendar
Version: 2010(12 Feb 2010)
Updated the Weekly Calendar portion of the program
Version: 2009.3(09 Jun 2009) - ovulationcalendar.exe
New version of the Weekly Calendar
Fixed a bug with icon painting over dates
Registered users can now predict best ovulation days for boys and girls
Version: 2009.2(16 Jun 2009)
New Help Tips
Changed the Default Luteal Phase
Added Support Forum
Removed Medical and Sleep Tracking
Version: 2009.1(20 May 2009)
New Help Tips
Changed the Default Luteal Phase
Added Support Forum
Removed Medical and Sleep Tracking
Version: 2008.2(23 Oct 2008)
New Calendar with updated features
- Auto Start is now removed from install
- To Do Items new interface
- Basal Temperature Bar now turns green on ovulation day
Version: 2008(21 Jan 2008)
- Calorie Counter now uses a huge USDA Food Database
- New ways to track Medical Information
- Sleep Tracker for Baby and feeding alarm
- Weight Tracking and BMI calculator improvements
- ToDo interface changes
- Track of personal Projects, including time and money spent
Version: 2.0(16 Apr 2007)
Weight Tracking, Excercise Tracking, Basal Temperature, Alarm clock, and Sleep Tracking.
Version: 1.2(11 Oct 2006)
- Size of main form fixed (no scroll bars)
- Weight Tracking
- Excercise Tracking
- Lower price
Version: 1.0

download (ovulationcalendar.exe - 9.97 MB)