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ObjectMapper .NET 2.3.2619.0

It's a .NET Persistence Framework for Oracle, SQL Server, Access and XML Files.
Publisher: TimePunch KG
Category: Business
Version: 2.3.2619.0
License: commercial
Cost: 499$
Size: 1.09 MB
Updated: 07 Aug 2008
Welcome to the ObjectMapper .NET project - an impressive open source project for object persistence, proven in real-world projects. Object relational mappers aim to bridge the gap between object oriented programming and relational database models. The ObjectMapper .NET offers state-of-the-art object mapping functionality, yet it also provides advanced features that set it apart from other o/r mappers.

Tailored to achieve maximum performance and development ease-of-use this technology will give developers the ability to build business components with unprecedented productivity and optimal runtime performance.

The entity model drives the database layout, thus enabling real model driven development.

The business entity model can be designed using the CASE tool of your choice - it may even be designed by business analysts rather than classical developers. The entities and their properties may then be decorated with declarative attributes - either within the CASE tool or within the generated C# code. These attributes may tell the ObjectMapper .NET simple things, such as the length of a text field, or they may provide more complex information, or to allow fields to be picked from another table. In many cases the default behaviour will suffice - reducing the amount of work efficiently.

The ObjectMapper .NET - and this is really a great part, will use the meta information of the model to create a DDL file to create the database - including all constraints. It also supports database versioning.
No need to maintain a separate DDL. No need to manually synchronize properties and database table columns. All contained in one single source, thus eliminating maintenance hurdles and a whole class of error conditions.

Version: 2.3.2619.0(19 Mar 2008) - ObjectMapper_2.3.2619.0.exe
- Fixed a memory leak that occures, when clearing all cache objects.
- Fixed a multithreading bug that occured when building the metadata of the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET.
- Fixed the update sql of dictionary types (e.g. SortedList/Hashtable). The link table had a wrong primary key definition.

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 2.3.2607.0(07 Mar 2008) - ObjectMapper_2.3.2607.0.exe
- Support of the aggregate functions (Avg, Count, First, Last, Max, Min and Sum)
- Support of Group By Clause
- The new features have been implemented for .NET 2005 and .NET 2008 using Linq
- Added Unicode support for Oracle, SqlServer and SqlServerCE.
To use this new feature, properties must be tagged with the [Unicode] attribute.

- Refactoring the ObjectMapper .NET Attributes.

- Fixed: Table name hasn't been quoted when executing an update sql.

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 1.70.1706.0(06 Jun 2007) - ObjectMapper_1.70.1706.0.exe
New Features:

- The AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET is now able to handle auto incremented primary keys for Oracle,
Microsoft SQL Server and Access. Therefore two new base classes have been established: AutoIncValueObject and GenericValueObject.

- Remove of the redundant column "PROPERTYNAME" when using general linked collections.

- Added a new solution file to use with the new Visual Studio .NET codeName Orcas (Beta 1)

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 1.62.1602.0(02 May 2007) - ObjectMapper_1.62.1602.0.exe
New Features:

- Microsoft SQL Server CE available for Desktop Applications. (RequestId 1704210)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some bugs regarding the Difference Check that creates an update DDL script. (RequestId 1704208)
- Fixed bug that prevents storing objects to Microsoft SQL Server CE with same types and values. (RequestId 1709026)

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 1.50.1428.0(28 Mar 2007) - ObjectMapper_1.50.1428.0.exe
Hot Fix:

- Fixed a bug that occured within the last version. In some special cases the ObjectMapper .NET hasn't been to deep load the object. This bug should now be fixed.

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 1.50.1419.0(19 Mar 2007) - ObjectMapper_1.50.1419.0.exe

- Added the ability to load child objects of properties which are tagged with the [GeneralLink] attribute when using the GetNestedObject method.

- Added new methods to access nested objects and nested collections using the global parameter dictionary.

- Removed the child type parameter from Method GetNestedCollection. Also this method can now resolve nested collections that is using the GeneralLink attribute.

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 1.50.1312.0(12 Feb 2007) - ObjectMapper_1.50.1312.0.exe

- New attributes [SelectFunction], [InsertFunction] and [UpdateFunction] enables the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET to call database functions when selecting, inserting or updating the database.

- Use of optimized selects when query data that begins with an asterik.

- Added a new tutorial that shows how to use the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET in a multi threaded environment.

- The AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET remember the old values when updating a property. Thus allows you to extend the persister in order to store the data changes.

Bugs that has been fixed:

- AccessPersister is now multi threading compatible.

- Sometimes the XML Persister threw an NullPointerException. This bug has been fixed.

- Internal Meta model completed. In some cases the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET did not own a complete meta model of the data.

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 1.45.1222.1(22 Jan 2007) - ObjectMapper_1.45.1222.1.exe
- The ISqlTracer Interface has been improved. The SQL Reporting parameter has been extended to use IDbParameter instead of a plain string. That enables you to get parameter data as well.

Bugs that has been fixed:

- Handling of Guid.Empty Data has been fixed. Using the last version and searching for Guid.Empty data did throw null reference exceptions.

For detailed information what changed have a look at the blog at
Version: 1.1.702.1 -

download (ObjectMapper_2.3.2619.0.exe - 1.09 MB)