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n-Track Studio 7.1.0

Multitrack Music Recording and Production software
Publisher: Fasoft
Category: Audio and MP3
Version: 7.1.0
License: shareware
Cost: 49$
Size: 31.45 MB
Updated: 22 Jan 2016
n-Track Studio is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your computer into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks. The program supports simultaneous recording from multiple 16 and 24 bit soundcards, and real-time audio effects can be applied non-destructively to each track. Built-in effects include Reverb, Multiband Compression, Chorus, Delay, Pitch Shift, Graphic and Parametric EQ & spectrum analyzer.
The program can use third party VST, AU, DirectX and ReWire plug-ins to process in real-time audio signals. Effect can also be used to process the recorded signal in real-time so that the computer can act as a multi-effects device.
MIDI tracks can be imported end exported to regular MIDI files, and edited using the built in piano-roll based MIDI editing window. The program supports VSTi, AUi and DXi instruments plug-ins for sample accurate software MIDI playback.
All the audio tracks are saved as standard wave files and mixed "on the fly" during playback.
Volume and pan evolution can be programmed by drawing on the timeline window.
When all the tracks have been recorded and all the settings are correct you can mix-down the final song to CD or create, using the built-in mp3 encoder, an mp3 version to distribute through the Internet.
A native 64 bit version is available which exploits the full power of 64 bit processing (on 64 bit versions of Windows). The 64 bit version can use 32 bit plug-ins via the 32 to 64 bit bridge module.

Version: 7.1.0(28 Apr 2014)
Redesigned Piano-Roll window lets you edit multiple MIDI tracks in the same window
Support for OMF and AAF files to interchange files with users of other DAWs
n-Track Sampler soundfont player
Various improvements and bug fixes
Version: 7.0.3(06 Nov 2013)
Support for multiple pan-laws. On-screen MIDI keyboard. Enhnanced metronome.
3D frequency spectrum view: watch the frequency spectrum in the 3D space, rotate it and see frequency waves
coming towards you as you play. Sonogram view. New nEfx Phaser effect
Version: 7.0.2(24 Apr 2013)
3D frequency spectrum view: watch the frequency spectrum in the 3D space, rotate it and see frequency waves coming towards you as you play. Sonogram view. New nEfx Phaser effect. Support for the Leap Controller.
Improved instrument Tuner, new button to open it on the lower toolbar
Version: 7.0.1(23 Nov 2012)
Overall improvements in performance, lower CPU usage, improved reliability when using small buffering / low latency
Support for markers embedded in .wav and .aif audio files
Russian translation
Bug fixes
Version: 7.0.0(04 Jun 2012)
64/32 bit plug-in bridge
Redesigned user interface
New Drums module with new drums sounds bank
Improved envelopes editing
Improved compatibility with 3rd party plugins and instruments
Version: 6.1.2(22 Jul 2011)
Drag and drop of effects between tracks
Improvements in how windows are docked/undocked
Support for ReWire in 64 bit Windows version
Increased compatibility with multichannel soundcards
Portuguese translation
Bug fixes
Version: 6.1.1(21 Jan 2011)
Pianoroll graphical and usability improvements, more accurate Guitar Tuner, More flexible import/export of MIDI tracks (support for type 0 MIDI files)
Version: 6.1(04 Oct 2010)
New n-Track Strings synth plugin, performance improvements, bug fixes, source code in sync with n-Track for Mac
Version: 6.0.9(25 Mar 2010)
New nVocal effect plugin, French, German, Danish, Italian and Spanish translations, VST3 plug-ins
Version: 6.0.8(20 Jan 2010)
French, German, Italian and Spanish translations, Effects Browser, VST3 plug-ins, side-chaining
Version: 6.0.7(22 Nov 2009)
Effects Browser, VST3 plug-ins, side-chaining
Version: 6.0.6(16 Sep 2009)
Support for VST3 plug-ins, side-chaining
Version: 6.0.5(18 Jul 2009)
Flexible routing, tracks can be sent to any other channel including other tracks, each track can have an arbitrary number of sends, bug fixes.
Version: 6.0.3(08 Jan 2009)
MIDI parts, ghost parts, visual Drag Drop of audio and MIDI files, Matrix editing
Version: 6.0.2(07 Dec 2008)
Take Management with Lanes, Editing History window
Version: 6.0(01 Sep 2008)
RMS level meters, Signal Path window, Realtime Crossfades
Version: 6.0 Beta 3(23 Aug 2008)
RMS level meters, Signal Path window, Realtime Crossfades
Version: 5.1.1(12 Sep 2007)
Splice to Grid command, select I/O channels via popup menu, bug fixes
Version: 5.1.0(20 Aug 2007)
Clone song selection to new song, editing accross multiple tracks, support for Lame mp3 encoder
Version: 5.0.8(24 Apr 2007)
Progressive volume sliders, keyboard volume entry, Support for WaveRT Vista audio drivers
Version: 5.0.6(17 Mar 2007)
Support for WaveRT Vista audio drivers, Broadcast Wave files recording
Version: 5.0.5(22 Feb 2007)
Support for creating Broadcast Wave files
Version: 5.0.4(01 Feb 2007)
Audio format negotiation, performance improvements
Version: 5.0.3(10 Jan 2007) - ntrck_sw.exe
Copy and paste volume envelops, speed and pitch controls, Scrubbing, Import .wma files
Version: 4.2.1 - ntrcks.exe

download (ntrck_sw.exe - 31.45 MB)