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My Screen Recorder 4.12

Create demos by recording your PC desktop activity to a AVI or WMV file.
Publisher: DeskShare
Category: Screen Capture
Version: 4.12
License: shareware
Cost: 49.95$
Size: 11.96 MB
Updated: 15 Jan 2016
Record your PC desktop screen activity to a AVI or WMV file. This advanced screen capturing tool can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors, and even video with sound.

My Screen Recorder can capture the entire desktop, or only an area you select. You can use a connected microphone to add narration to your recordings, or have the program record the sounds the computer is playing. You can even record from the microphone and speakers at the same time - perfect for recording internet chat applications! The built-in Preview feature lets you quickly review your movies.

My Screen Recorder also helps you organize your recordings into Folder Shortcuts for easy management. The program is easy to use. You can select from a framed area capture or full desktop recording. You can adjust the video quality settings to reduce file size, use custom cursors and more.

You can use My Screen Recorder to demonstrate features of a web site or program, make tutorials, presentations, or any other task that requires showing screen activity. It's the perfect way to record a webinar or video call, including audio. Create flawless recordings of Internet tv and radio shows effortlessly. Try My Screen Recorder risk-free today!

Version: 4.12(24 Nov 2015)
Version: 4.11(14 Aug 2015)
Version: 4.1(07 Sep 2013)
Version: 4.02(12 Mar 2013)
Version: 4.01(17 Feb 2013)
Version: 4.0(21 Dec 2012)
Version: 3.33(05 Mar 2012)
Version: 3.32(24 Nov 2011) - myscreenrecorder.exe
Version: 3.31(01 Sep 2011)
Version: 3.3(22 Jul 2011)
Version: 3.23(13 Jun 2011)
Version: 3.22(02 May 2011)
Version: 3.21(11 Apr 2011)
Version: 3.2(14 Mar 2011)
Version: 3.14(11 Nov 2010)
Version: 3.13(20 Oct 2010)
Version: 3.12(03 Jul 2010)
Version: 3.11(28 May 2010)
Version: 3.08(25 Feb 2010)
Version: 3.06(08 Jan 2010)
Version: 3.05(10 Dec 2009)
Version: 3.04(13 Nov 2009)
Version: 3.01(23 Oct 2009)
Version: 2.65(21 Dec 2007)
Version: 2.63(07 May 2007)
Version: 2.62(21 Mar 2007)
Version: 2.61(06 Feb 2007)
Version: 2.60(28 Dec 2006)
Version: 2.56

download (myscreenrecorder.exe - 11.96 MB)