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Recover data from phone, extract pictures from slideshow (photodex), grab icons
Publisher: StrongRecovery
Category: Audio and MP3
License: demo
Cost: 29$
Size: 3.49 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Recover data from phone, extract pictures from slideshow (photodex), grab icons. This tool allows users to 'look' into files and folders, explore and extract hidden elements, such as images, audio, video, icons, and textures, all from within a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface.

First the source needs to be selected, either a file or a folder, it gets extracted, then the tool quickly analyzes the source and displays the results.

Considering MultiExtractor recognizes a wide range of formats, users can also choose the type of files that should be processed, thus reducing the time it takes to complete an extraction. They can even filter the size of the image that need to be dealt with, depending on their preferences.

There are plenty of settings that can be configured to filter searches, such as recurse subfolders or overwrite files.

The built-in multimedia explorer provides the necessary functionality for playing, viewing and copying files stored within various resources and simplifies the process of searching for the necessary file. All this is just a small fraction of MultiExtractor's capabilities. Check out the official site for a complete list of features - it's quite impressive!

MultiExtractor will make you a real data miner. There will be no resource in your system that it won't be able to open. Forget the feeling of helplessness, get used to the feeling of full control!

Moreover, the software uses the CPU memory to a minimum, therefore it does not affect its overall performance.

What can be done with this software? Users can break files apart and use a particular piece to specific purposes. The software can also be used as a method for learning what is hidden within various applications. Other than that, it can also be a fun tool, handy for poking around files on one's PC.

The unregistered version does not allow users to save the extracted files, so a license is needed to export each item to another location and use it properly.

Version: Apr 2014)
Scanning of files greater than 4GB!; Possibility to scan media/disks in future version (4.1.0); Bug fixes, better stability; GUI changes (graphical interface); New freeware version added into package (MultiExtractor LITE).
Version: 3.4.3(21 Dec 2013)
PE Dump Fix (dump from icons, cursors and bitmaps from exe, dll...)
Version: 3.4.2(30 Oct 2013)
PE Dump Fix (dump from icons, cursors and bitmaps from exe, dll...)
Version: 3.3.1(18 Sep 2013)
Changes in shell; Changes in Help.
Version: 3.3.0(23 Mar 2013)
Fix in Explorer (Windows 7), New DEMO model, New pricing model...
Version: 3.2.0(14 Feb 2013)
Some fixes, new pricing model...
Version: 3.1.0(26 Jul 2012)
Some fixes, New Language (indonesian)
Version: 3.00(01 Apr 2011)
Better data extraction from MS formats (DOC, PPT, XLS...), russian language support, bug fixes in scan engine, fixed problems with "auto-closing"
Version: 2.90(09 Jan 2011)
Font extraction support: TTF (True Type Font), TTC (True Type Font Collection), FON (Win 3.1 Font)
Version: 2.85(07 Sep 2010)
Added new skin (mxWatercolor), some fixes and optimizations, trial removed
Version: 2.84a(15 Oct 2009)
Memory scan of exe, scr files (dynamically loaded resources extraction), auto detect of Photodex and PTE slideShows (Pictures To Exe), supported extracting of "Pictures To Exe" slideshows (via memory attack)
Version: 2.83a(18 Mar 2009)
Fixes, added hungarian language
Version: 2.60a(03 Sep 2007)
New skin (mxWood); Conversion to PNG; Czech language; Corrections in interface and dump engine; ICL icon extraction; Added MID, MPG, TIFF, EMF, WMF formats; Possibility of unpack CAB; Upgraded conversion support (bitmap to bitmap with another background color)
Version: 2.82c(04 Dec 2008)
Fixed scan&dump engine
Version: 2.82a(24 Nov 2008)
Support for Photodex slideshows (EXE and SCR), new scan method of Microsoft Office Documents (DOC, PPT, XLS...)
Version: 2.80a(22 May 2008)
Added MPQ Format (Blizzard Archive), texture formats (DDS, 3DS, LWO), IFF and FLC format; Trial reset; Fixed Vista installation problem and other Vista anomalies; Fixed Icon-Dump engine (PE size calcluating); Fixed ICL extraction (2MB barier)
Version: 2.72b(22 Jan 2008)
MSI support; Enabled icon extraction; Trial reset; Fixes in Explorer; New licenses.
Version: 2.21a(29 Mar 2007)
Vista fixes, new model of demo (extraction of all formats), better error handling, Archive detect&unpack engine (possible extraction of multimedia from ZIP, RAR, CHM archives), advanced options in settings.ini
Version: 2.11b(01 Mar 2007)
Conversion support (BMP, ICO, JPG, Vista icons), dynamic maps (quick extraction), DLL unpack/decrypt engine, transparent mode in resource explorer.
Version: 2.00a(29 Nov 2006) - MultiExtractor.exe
Removed Hardwre ID check, added RESOURCE EXPLORER (DRAG&DROP), ICON SIEVE option, SAFE CLOSE of extraction, OPTIMIZATION changes in extraction kernel, some bug fixes in interface.
Version: 1.1.2a - MulEx.exe

download (MultiExtractor.exe - 3.49 MB)