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MobTime Cell Phone Manager V6.6.5

Supports most phones of Siemens, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung.
Publisher: MobTime Inc.
Category: Utilities
Version: V6.6.5
License: shareware
Cost: 19.95$
Size: 36.60 MB
Updated: 02 Jul 2009
A easy-to-use pc software that helps you manage your mobile phone via data cable, IrDA or Bluetooth. The software supports most famous mobile phones of Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Motorola, LG, Siemens and so on. Now more than 300 models are supported. Functions include contacts, calendars, SMS, logo, tone,photo, multimedia browser and Java application installation. Check to see if your phone is supported at

1 Be afraid of losing your contacts, calendars or short messages once your phone is lost! Don't worry, backup and restore them on your PC.
2 Tired to sync manually your contacts, calendars between mobile phone and Outlook or Outlook Express! Try auto and smart sync and save your valuable time.
3 Tired of inputting message one by one letter with small phone keyboard! OK, quickly input messages on your pc and send out via your phone, even enjoy chatting like MSN or Skype.
4 Desire to enjoy new MP3s, pictures, video, eBooks on your phone! OK, just upload them to your phone easily.
5 Want to run or play Java applications and games on your phone, but don't know how to install! OK, Install them on your mobile phone under a smart guide.
6 Have taken photos of your family, your lover, Super Star! OK, transfer the photos to your pc, save them as long as you wish or share them with others.
7 Have a mobile phone, but don't know how to connect your computer to Internet via your phone because the connection parameters are a little complicated to set up! OK, A smart Dial-up guide will show you how-to step by step.
8 Free trial before buy, 100% no risk.

Version: V6.6.5(12 Sep 2008)
Release MobTime Cell Phone Manager 2008 V6.6.5.

Custom "Ctrl+Enter" to line feed when "Enter" is use to send message.
Add the "Auto Synchronize".
In the "Other" option card, the "Language" is shown as native.
Record the selected size when newing animation.
Add the software's Debug mode (Encounter problems, you can enter the debug mode by "Help button - Debug mode - Restart our software").
In the short messages, improve the name's efficiency of matching.
Solve the dial-up's parameters of national carrier cannot be loaded in a few cases when calling Dial-up by the main program.
Solve the software cannot be activated which caused by the conflicts with some other software.
Fix some bugs.
Support more new phone: SonyEricsson W910.
Version: V6.6.0(11 Jul 2008)
Release MobTime Cell Phone Manager 2008 V6.6.0.

New Dial-up skin.
Add a popup window prompting to operate the phone when pair the bluetooth devices or build the bluetooth connection.
Support to merge SMS database function.
Support the new imported and exported format: UDX.
Automatically match the contact number after input part of number in the SMS Editor.
Synchronize Contacts and Calenders of Phone with PIM at the same time, the two separate sync Logs will be merged into one Log.
Fix the problem that leads to slowly start the Microsoft Office within running the software.
Support Unicode.
Fix some bugs.
Support more new phones:
LG KG298
Samsung E770
SonyEricsson K510 W580
Version: V6.3.1(12 Oct 2007)
Release MobTime Cell Phone Manager 2007 V6.3.0.

Support to switch skins, drag message node to copy, one button to backup and restore messages, calendars and multimedia files, auto upgrade with multi-thread and beginning from the interrupted point, import all exported formats besides .mdb.

Support the Windows Vista OS.

Support more new phones:
Lenove V707
LG KE500 S5200 KE970/KU970 KE770
Samsung C300 E200 E250 E380 E570 E740 E830 E840 F300 P310 U600 X560 X820
Motorola E6 E770 L6i L71 L72 V3ie V8 W510 Z3
SonyEricsson K310a/K310i K550a/K550 K800a/K800i K818a/K818i S500i W200a/W200i W300a/W300i W610a/W610i W710a/W710i W880a/W880i W888a/W888i Z550a/Z550i Z558a/Z558i Z610a/Z610i Z710a/Z710i
Version: V6.2.1(25 Apr 2007)
Release MobTime Cell Phone Manager 2007 V6.2.1.

Support to backup/restore the phone multimedia files, cut and switch the format of video and music files, new and edit .gif animations, and automatically upgrade.

Support more new phones:
Samsung D510 D520 D830 D840 D900 E370 E420 E480 E890 E900 X830
Motorola K1 V3X
SonyEricsson K790i W700i W830i
Version: V6.1.0

download ( - 36.60 MB)