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Mil Shield 8.1

Automatically cleans cookies, history, cache, index.dat files and many other.
Publisher: Mil Incorporated
Category: Utilities
Version: 8.1
License: shareware
Cost: 29.9$
Size: 4.20 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Mil Shield protects your privacy by removing all tracks from your online or offline PC activities (it also shreds the content of the infamous WebCacheV01.dat and INDEX.DAT files).

Some features:
* Supports Windows 8.1, 8/7/Vista, and XP 32&64; Cleans all IE, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Chrome and Avant tracks; Free disk space wiping; Custom Files & Registry cleaning

* SELECTIVE CLEANING. Many of the Firefox and Chrome tracks come from features that are good and convenient: Internet cache speeds up the browsing, cookies protect you from entering your user information over and over again, etc. Mil Shield selectively preserves cached files, history and/or cookies for chosen by you safe Internet sites.

* AUTOMATIC CLEANING. You can schedule background cleaning at each startup or shutdown, or when the Internet Explorer is closed. While running in background, Mil Shield is completely invisible.

* PANIC KEY COMBINATION (a.k.a. boss key). Every now and then there are situations where you need to clean the tracks very fast. In such cases all you need to do is to press certain keys together and all open browsers, video players and similar programs are closed and an invisible background cleanup is started.

Mil Shield also cleans: AutoComplete forms and passwords, all WebCacheV01.dat and Index.dat files, temporary Internet files, cookies, UserData records, evercookies, typed URL history, browse history records, most recently used download folder, recent documents history, most recently used folders records of the Windows shell, common file dialogs history, file and computer search history of the Windows shell, Start menu Run history and list of frequently used programs, Recycle Bin at low level, Windows temporary files, and restores your home page if it is hijacked.

NEW: Supports Chrome 35, Firefox 29, Opera 21, Safari 5.1.7

Version: 8.1(18 Jun 2014)
1. Added support for Chrome 35
2. Added support for Firefox 29
3. Added support for Opera 21
4. Added support for Safari 5.1.7
5. Other improvements and changes
Version: 7.9(30 Mar 2011)
Added support for Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Chrome 10 and Opera 11
Version: 7.8(07 Dec 2010)
1. Added cleaning of 10 new applications.
2. Added support for Chrome 8.
3. Some compatibility fixes and improvements.
Version: 7.7(25 Oct 2010)
1. Added support for Chromium, Chrome Canary, ChromePlus, SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon browsers.
2. Added cleaning of DOM storage for Opera and Chrome.
3. Added cleaning of HTML5 databases for Chrome, Safari and Opera.
4. Added cleaning of evercookies for all supported browsers.
5. Added options to control the compacting (vacuum) of Firefox and Chrome Sqlite databases.
6. Some minor fixes and improvements.
Version: 7.6(08 Sep 2010)
1. Added full support for MS Office 2010, Safari 5 and Bing toolbar.
2. Added cleaning on page file on shutdown.
3. Added cleaning of Windows 7 Explorer typed paths history.
4. Many small improvements and fixes.
Version: 7.5(21 Apr 2010)
1. Custom cleaning of files and folders.
2. Custom cleaning of registry keys and values.
3. Free disk space wiping (shredding).
4. DOM storage cleaning for Firefox and Safari.
5. Many other improvements and fixes.
Version: 7.2(09 Dec 2009)
1. Added full support for Opera 10.
2. Major changes in the user interface.
3. Added random password generator.
4. Over 30 new tracks for cleaning.
5. Various other improvements and fixes.
Version: 7.1(11 Aug 2009)
1. Added 10 new application tracks. 2. Many small improvements and fixes.
Version: 7.0(01 Jul 2009)
1. Added support for Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit). 2. Added support for Avant browser tracks. 3. Added 17 new application tracks.
Version: 6.9(04 May 2009)
Full support for Internet Explorer 8. Added cleaning of 32 new application tracks.
Version: 6.8(02 Mar 2009)
Added cleaning of 22 new Windows and application tracks.
Version: 6.7(12 Jan 2009)
Major improvement of file shredding options and methods.
Version: 6.6(08 Dec 2008)
Various small improvements and fixes.
Version: 6.5(21 Oct 2008)
1. Added cleaning of Google Chrome tracks
2. Many improvements and updates in the cleaning code
Version: 6.4(01 Sep 2008)
1. Improved Unicode support
2. Many updates in cleaning code to support the latest versions of the cleaned programs
3. Various improvements and bug fixes
Version: 6.3(07 Jul 2008)
Added support for Firefox 3, Picasa, Photoshop Album and Skype.
Version: 6.2(05 May 2008)
Added cleaning of Opera and Apple Safari tracks; many small improvements and fixes.
Version: 6.1(03 Apr 2008)
User interface changes, added selective cleaning for Firefox cookies, multiple small improvements.
Version: 6.0(07 Mar 2008)
1. Added cleaning of CorePlayer, GOM Player, KMPlayer, MPlayer, Zoom Player, Free Download Manager, Adobe Reader, OpenOffice, 7-Zip.
2. Added cleaning of Flash cookies (local shared objects) and Vista thumbnails cache.
3. Many small fixes and improvements.
Version: 5.6(14 May 2007)
Improved stability and compatibility.
Version: 5.5(29 Mar 2007)
Added support for Windows Vista. Added cleaning of new IE and Firefox search toolbars.
Version: 5.3(29 Jan 2007)
Added cleaning of AOL toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Improved stability.
Version: 5.2(19 Dec 2006)
Various small improvements and fixes.
Version: 4.9

download (shield.exe - 4.20 MB)