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Mail Hunter 2.75

E-mail Extractor and is designed to harvest e-mail addresses from web sites
Publisher: SAG Group
Category: Internet
Version: 2.75
License: shareware
Cost: 25$
Size: 1.34 MB
Updated: 30 Oct 2012
Mail Hunter is very easy to use software application that extracts contact e-mail addresses from web pages, clipboard, local files. Mail Hunter is e-mail collector that process local resources (hard drives, CDs, etc.) to extract e-mails from files stored there. Automatically gathers contact e-mail addresses from every web site visited. The running program, collects e-mail address founded in text when visit web sites through Internet Explorer, and programs: Outlook, Notepad, QIP, ICQ,, Clipboard. Extract all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook. Choose your folders, everything is easy and automatic! Addresses are extracted, including multiple recipients, with NO DUPLICATES! You get a clean mailing list, saved in a simple text file which is perfect to import or even cut and paste into your favorite program, mailing list manager, word processor, or spreadsheet!

Version: 2.75(23 Nov 2011)
Version: 2.67(17 Apr 2010)
Version: 2.62(11 Aug 2009)
Version: 2.61(20 Jun 2009)
Add search email in Microsoft Word *.doc files
Version: 2.60(07 Jun 2009)
Add search email in Microsoft Word *.doc files
Version: 2.59(28 May 2009)
Add search email in Microsoft Word *.doc files
Version: 2.57(25 Apr 2009)
New interface, new algoritm, fix errors
Version: 2.55(09 Dec 2008)
Version: 2.51(12 Nov 2008)
Version: 2.47(27 Aug 2008)
Version: 2.46(10 Aug 2008)
Version: 2.45(08 Jul 2008)
Version: 2.44(06 Jun 2008)
Version: 2.43(28 May 2008)
Add function - send emails
Version: 2.19(11 Apr 2008)
Fixed errors is search for e-mails on the internet
Version: 2.17(30 Mar 2008)
Fixed errors in program interface, fixed errors in translate, fixed errors in code programs, fixed some errors (more stability), optimized program code, optimized export functions, changed feature: setting up internet,added feature: button select and deselect options and separated e-mail for export
Version: 2.14

download (mhsetup.exe - 1.34 MB)