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LoriotPro Free Edition 7.0 -bl

Powerful graphical Windows-based SNMP manager and monitoring software..
Publisher: LUTEUS
Category: Network
Version: 7.0 -bl
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 191.70 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
The freeware edition of the LoriotPro software gives you access to a powerful graphical snmp manager. This Windows-based software helps you to access snmp devices, analyze snmp requests, perform snmp get and set requests, compile mib files, browse mib tree, receive events and traps, discover networks and hosts. This free manager is and ideal product for testing purposes, snmp tests and validation, snmp concept learning. This software is available for private and professional use. It is not limited in time. The number of monitored hosts (IP addresses) is limited to 10. Events and snmp traps reception but without filtering options. Limited access to extension (LoriotPro plugin). It can be easily upgraded to Loriotpro lite edition, a LoriotPro standard Edition or a LoriotPro extended edition. Run under any Microsoft Windows XP/7/2003/2008 server and higher versions.

Version: 7.0 -bl(11 Jun 2015) - LoriotPro-V7-Setup.exe
Features update and bug corrections
Version: 6.0(15 May 2010) - LoriotPro-V6-Setup.exe
Features update and bug corrections
Version: 5.0(30 Jun 2008) - loriotprov500b139SP0-bl.exe
Features update and bug corrections
Version: 4.0 - loriot.exe

download (LoriotPro-V7-Setup.exe - 191.70 MB)