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Lingobit Localizer 7.0

Software localization tool for MFC, Delphi, .NET, WPF, Java, Database and Web
Publisher: Lingobit Technologies
Category: Tools and Editors
Version: 7.0
License: shareware
Cost: 695$
Size: 24.07 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Lingobit Localizer is a software localization tool that provides developers with an effective solution to facilitate and streamline the software localization process and communication between developers, translators and testers.

Unique to Lingobit Localizer is its unified interface and productivity tools, such as Automated QA, Validation Expert, Scan for Changes, Translation Memory, Automatic Translation, etc. Software localization can be done in-house or delegated to another company.

Lingobit Localizer enables developers to localize software by extracting localizable resources directly from MFC, Delphi or .NET executable files. This makes it possible to translate strings, dialogs, forms, menus, and other resources.

Furthermore, Lingobit Localizer support visual localization of HTML, HTML Help (CHM), XML, INI, CPP, PHP, Java Script VB Script and other text-based files. Database localization is also available.

The program is great to delegate translation tasks to translators. This is done via a self-extracting software localization kit, which includes a 'lite' edition of the Lingobit software for translators and a project file without the source-code. No technical skills are required to get started with a software localization task.

Software localization is incredibly easy with Lingobit's WYSIWYG editor and productivity tools, such as Quality Assurance tools that increase the quality of translation by automatically detecting errors on early stages of software localization.

Among many other tools, there is Translation Memory, which enables developers to leverage their previous work. There is no need to translate one and the same string several times because the tool allows reusing translations from other software localization projects.

Version: 7.0(27 Oct 2010)
- A lot of new formats supported (.NET 4.0, Apple, Blackberry and etc)
- Segmentation
- Custom formats added
- TRADOS and Bing support
- Productivity features
Version: 6.0(01 Apr 2008)
New features:
- new parsers for Java, C++, PHP, Perl, Java Script, Symbian LOC and RLS files, SQL
- Multilingual Rebranding
- Terminology pre-translate and consistency validation
- Express Edition, cheaper version for small projects
- Huge improvements for Delphi
Version: 5.2(28 Aug 2007)
Localization support for.NET Compact Framework, .NET Framework 64-bit and Windows CE based applications. Message Table localization is supported (RT_MESSAGETABLE). Strong named signed assemblies. Receive Updated Project for translators. New option to exclude element from localized file.
Version: 5.1(05 Jun 2007)
Improved .NET 2.0, 3.0 support: new Parser (extracts new properties, such as TreeView nodes and ListView items) and Form Editor (displays inherited forms, custom controls, user controls and strip elements).
New SpellChecker with more than 80 dictionaries available. Dutch localization added
Version: 5.0(12 Mar 2006)
Version: 4.8(10 Nov 2006)
Full support of .NET Framework version 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0.
Fuzzy match for Translation Memory
Automatic fixing of common localization errors
Improved Scan for Changes (Removed translations are automatically added to Translation Memory)
Localization kit in new text format
Version: 4.7

download (localizer.exe - 24.07 MB)