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LanHelper 1.99

Monitor, analyze, and manage a network.
Category: Utilities
Version: 1.99
License: shareware
Cost: 69$
Size: 1.43 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
LanHelper is an advanced remote administration tool for Windows servers and workstations, which integrates NT administration utilities, LAN monitoring, network scanning and network analyzing features. Owing to the optimized user interface, LanHelper allows network administrators to manage numerous remote computers simultaneously at high speed. Detailed logs are available for helping network administrators to quickly find & resolve network problems.

LanHelper provides administration functionality such as Wake-On-LAN, shutdown, users management, groups management, services management, sessions management, task schedule, and more. However no any server program is required to install on remote computers. The IP scanner and LAN scanner are intelligent and fast in collecting machine data, and it's very easy to manage the machine data with XML and XML-groups features. LanHelper can also detect computers statuses and monitoring computers' availability. Once failure or problem is detected, LanHelper will alert network administrator, or automatically perform Wake-On-LAN & shutdown actions.

Different from other remote administration software, most of the LanHelper NT administration utilities provides many batch modes which can speed up the administration progress, and also provides detailed real-time logs for analyzing and researching.

Version: 1.99(09 Jan 2012) - LHsetup.exe
Version: 1.98(21 Oct 2010)
Version: 1.97(05 Sep 2010)
Version: 1.96(15 Jun 2010)
Version: 1.95(18 Jan 2010)
Version: 1.93(04 Jan 2010)
Version: 1.92(23 Nov 2009)
Version: 1.91(11 Nov 2009)
Version: 1.90(04 Oct 2009)
Add registry management.
Version: 1.89(13 Jul 2009)
Add domain controller scan approach.
Version: 1.88(25 May 2009)
Enhanced reset user password functionality.
Version: 1.87(27 Apr 2009)
Added bulk creating shares.
Version: 1.85(06 Apr 2009)
Add several features for users management
Version: 1.83(18 Jan 2009)
Add several features for users management
Version: 1.82(15 Oct 2008)
Fix a bug of Refresh Status.
Version: 1.81(01 Oct 2008)
Fix a bug of Scan LAN & Scan Workgroup.
Version: 1.80(04 Aug 2008)
Add users management and groups management.
Version: 1.75(29 Apr 2008)
Version: 1.74(03 Jan 2008)
Fix a bug in View Service.
Version: 1.73(09 Aug 2007)
Version: 1.71(22 May 2007)
Fix a tree control bug.
Version: 1.70(30 Apr 2007)
Add Session management, Open Files management.
Version: 1.61(05 Feb 2007)
Fixed service management bugs.
Version: 1.60(07 Jan 2007)
Version: 1.50

download (LHsetup.exe - 1.43 MB)