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LanAgent Standard 4.3

LanAgent: full monitoring of a remote computer, all user's actions are recorded
Publisher: NetworkProfi
Category: Utilities
Version: 4.3
License: shareware
Cost: 49.9$
Size: 26.51 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
LanAgent is a reliable source of information about the time, which your employees spend in front of their PCs. This program records all actions that a user performs, while working on this or that computer. LanAgent will notify you about all activities, which your employees are not supposed to do at their working places, like chatting in ICQ, playing games or watching films.

Using LanAgent will guarantee you the effect as if you were always standing behind your employee and watching his/her monitor. All working day information will be gathered by this secret agent: websites visited, files or applications opened, the local net connections established, data copied to clipboard and so on. You can even configure your LanAgent, so that it will make screenshots on the selected computer within a set time period.

A notable point is that you will be aware of everything, which was happening on this or that computer, even at time, when you were not in your office. Besides, you do not need to worry, that your employees will detect you spying on them, as LanAgent is absolutely invisible to a simple non-expert user. All gathered data is sent to your computer in an encrypted form. The only two things you need to provide for steady work of the program is your employee's IP address and the client part having been installed on his/her computer.

LanAgent is able to track startup or switch off time and is able to start/stop monitoring a certain remote computer at your first wish. Apart from that, the program is very logical in design: on the left you have a list of users to monitor and on the right you have exhaustive information on all activities of a certain user. LanAgent is a sure way to know how efficiently you employees spend their working hours.

Version: 4.3(11 Dec 2012)
Monitoring of Skype feature added; Monitoring of printed documents has been optimized; Clipboard monitoring has been optimized
Version: 4.2(21 Aug 2012) -
Blocking devices by class feature added; Added a possibility to create lists of allowed devices; File system monitoring has been improved; Monitoring of printed documents has been improved
Version: 3.9(02 Mar 2012) -
Loading data from database has been optimized; Some errors in report generating has been eliminated
Version: 3.8(25 Aug 2011) -
Making screen shots in a grayscale mode feature added; File system monitoring has been improved
Version: 3.6(04 Mar 2011) -
Making screen shots in a grayscale mode feature added; File system monitoring has been improved
Version: 3.0(22 Dec 2009) -
Possibility of shadow copying files is added
Version: 2.6(03 Apr 2009) -
Possibility of shadow copying files is added
Version: 1.35 -

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