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KeyboardLocker 3.6

Disables keyboard until exit phrase entered, mouse remains active
Publisher: DataMystic
Category: Home/Hobby
Version: 3.6
License: shareware
Cost: 9.99$
Size: 2.99 MB
Updated: 11 Jan 2016
Disables the keyboard, leaving the mouse active. An exit phrase must be entered before the keyboard is reactivated. Can be used to secure dedicated servers or kiosks, or to show a DVD to a small child without them destroying your computer! Use with Skype to prevent toddlers pressing keys during a call

Once KeyboardLocker is enabled, you can ONLY use the keyboard to type in the Exit Phrase. You can use the mouse to start your DVD movie playing.

You can also copy the short cut for KeyboardLocker into the StartUp folder so that your computer is automatically locked when it boots up!

KeyboardLocker can absolutely disable Control+Alt+Del (CAD) to prevent your photo kiosk from being hacked!

Use KeyboardLocker...
- to secure photo kiosks
- to secure dedicated servers (such as university print servers)
- to prevent both USB and PS/2 keyboard input on Internet and Photo kiosks
- to protect running processes when the keyboard is cleaned by janitors
- to stop keyboard input when desktop macros are running
- in a home user environment, e.g. to show a DVD to a small child without them destroying your computer.

There are several ways you can start KeyboardLocker:

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" [/START]
Starts KeyboardLocker in interactive mode. If /START is specified, KeyboardLocker locks immediately.

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" /NEWPWD=new password [/START]
Starts KeyboardLocker in interactive mode, but with a new default password. If /START is specified, KeyboardLocker locks immediately.

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" /OLDPWD=old password /NEWPWD=new password
If KeyboardLocker is currently running, it changes the unlock phrase from old password to new password. KeyboardLocker then terminates.

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" /STOP=password
Unlocks KeyboardLocker if it is currently running and password is correct. KeyboardLocker then terminates.

Version: 3.6(28 May 2013)
Fixed install error under x32.
Version: 3.5.1(23 Apr 2013)
* /unlockandexit= option now does not show the main window (even briefly)
Version: 2.9(31 Oct 2012)
The exit phrase is now encrypted in the registry.
Version: 2.8(27 Aug 2012)
Windows 7 update, new x64 and x32 versions included in installer
Version: 2.6.1(31 Jul 2012)
New Windows 7 installer
Version: 2.7(22 Feb 2011)
Fixed immediate unlock error
Version: 2.6(23 Mar 2009)
Version: 2.5.8(01 Dec 2008)
Now only has short cut of Ctrl+Alt+L for one icon not two.
Version: 2.5.7(13 May 2008)
Now all .DLLs and .EXE files are signed for added security.
Version: 2.4(09 Nov 2006)
Set the unlock phrase from the command line, and even change it while Keyboard Locker is running!
Version: 2.3

download (keyboardlocker.exe - 2.99 MB)