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IM-History 1.2.1

Free service consolidating all your IM chat logs and contacts
Publisher: IM-History
Category: Online Privacy
Version: 1.2.1
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 1.42 MB
Updated: 19 Jun 2010
IM-History is a unique web service that enables all Instant Messengers (IM) users to manage their contacts and access their chat histories online. The user-friendly solution consolidates all IM contacts and stores chat logs securely on a server, allowing free access from PC, laptop or any web-enabled device.

With IM-History, you can:

* Have consolidated chat history of as many IMs as you use
* Access your IM logs from any web-enabled devices (PCs, laptops, smart phones, etc.) and get them synced automatically
* Find information easily and fast via smart navigation and embedded search engine
* Merge your contacts from different messengers

* Freeware, everyone is welcome
* One-step installation and automatic setup
* Automatic sync while online
* Message log in server downtime
* Metacontact support (unified profile on your chat buddies from different IMs)
* Advanced search - by contact, by word/phrase, cross-contact, everywhere
* Mute contact, delete contact

The service is quickly evolving and becoming a standard component for numerous IM users. And the best thing about IM-History is that it's absolutely free, and there's no adware or functionality limitations.

Version: 1.2.1(01 Apr 2008)
Contact groups are now supported. Export chat history to a local file. Free invites to share with your friends!
Version: 0.9.35(03 Aug 2007)
Trillian plug in is now available. A lot of improvements and fixes for already supported messengers. Usability improvements and new features on the Web Interface.
Version: 0.9

download (IMHistorySetup.exe - 1.42 MB)