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IdentaFone Pro Caller ID Software 2.70.1

Caller ID software with screenpops, speech, email and paging notification.
Publisher: IdentaFone Software
Category: Communications
Version: 2.70.1
License: shareware
Cost: 34.95$
Size: 2.95 MB
Updated: 09 Jan 2011
IdentaFone is a caller identification system that monitors the phone line for incoming calls and offers many ways to keep you informed about your caller's identity... Once the caller information is obtained this virtual telephone assistant can speak the caller's name through your PC speakers... screen pop the callers name... send the information to a pager or cell phone... submit an email message with the caller information, or broadcast a popup over the local network.

If you are tired of sales calls just block any unwanted caller you choose and even play them a wave file to explain why you do not accept their calls. Get off telemarketer lists with the telezapper type tones included with the rejection messages.

Returning calls is as simple as scrolling through the list of recent numbers and clicking to dial.

Included is a convenient 36-button speed dialer, a phonebook that has linkable email and web fields, and a Do Not Disturb feature that allows paging and email scheduling.

Reverse number lookups using internet directories make filling in your phonebook fields a snap. The Caller logs allow you to track your callers history and print detailed reports. You can send your own custom text pages from your PC to your alpha pager or cell phone without the need for a dispatching service.

Version: 2.70.1(23 Apr 2008)
Added SAPI 5 voices to speech and ability to choose voice from within program.
Version: 2.60.1(23 Nov 2007)
Added SAPI 5 voices to speech and ability to choose voice from within program.
Version: 2.56(05 Apr 2007)
Reverse lookups fixed
Version: 2.54(02 Feb 2007) - idfonpro_setup.exe
Reverse lookups fixed
Version: 2.53 -

download (IdfonPro_Setup.exe - 2.95 MB)