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Secure password protection manager using data encryption

ID_Bank 1.35.10

Secure password protection manager using data encryption
Publisher: Rainbow Innovations
Category: System Utilities
Version: 1.35.10
License: shareware
Cost: 15$
Size: 2.15 MB
Updated: 05 Feb 2014
Passwords can be trouble especially on the Internet. You may have too many to remember and if you don't take care someone else will gain access to them! ID_Bank can help solve your problem. ID_Bank is a secure identity and password protection system from Rainbow Innovations.
ID_Bank is able to hold your personal information relating to usernames, passwords, pins, login details etc; information you often forget or write on scraps of paper that anyone else can read. Your information is stored in a secure encrypted file, all you need to remember is one password to access it.
ID_Bank includes the following features:
Store your passwords and ID data in named files, you are not limited to one file that must contain all your data
Your data is encrypted using the Rijndael 128 bit encryption algorithm.
Group your data into categories.
Fully customisable display to suit your requirements
Quick access to the Password Popup Box available on demand.
Fast transfer of password/username to other documents or web pages using Copy/Paste or Drag and Drop.
Auto hide and password protect ID_Bank when Idle.
Clipboard auto clear when idle
Highlight password expiration dates.
Preview and print reports of your data
Optional system tray icon.
And many other features.
System Requirements
Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows 8

Version: 1.35.10(02 Nov 2012)
Maintenance revision
Compatible with Windows 8
Updated documentation
Updated site links in program and documentation
Updated sample encrypted file
Version: 1.34.8(26 Jul 2010)
Maintenance revision. Updated website url's
Version: 1.33.10(21 Apr 2010)
Maintenance revision.
Updates to documentation and Installer
Version: 1.32.12(19 Jan 2010)
Maintenance revision.
Updates to documentation and Installer
Version: 1.31.10(20 Aug 2009)
Maintenance revision.
Updates to documentation && Installer
Version: 1.30.12(28 Jun 2009) - setupIDBank.exe
ID_Bank now compatible with Windows 7
Cosmetic bug fixes
Version: 1.27.11(11 May 2008)
Fixed column sort settings bug.
Fixed display layout save bug.
Removed unlock code mechanism from the trial version. On registration users will receive a download link to the full version.
Version: 1.26.10(23 Jun 2007)
Maintenance Revision
Added downloading/installation of updates to the on-line version checker.
Version: 1.25.20(17 Dec 2006)
Maintenance Revision
ID_Bank now compatible with Windows VIsta
Version: 1.24.13

download (setupIDBank.exe - 2.15 MB)