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HS CleanDisk Pro 6.15

System, disk, memory, cpu optimization and maintenance tool
Publisher: Yenicag Bilisim Ltd
Category: System Utilities
Version: 6.15
License: shareware
Cost: 29$
Size: 3.91 MB
Updated: 27 Mar 2007
Windows system, disk, memory optimization and maintenance tool.

What does the software offer ?

Cleans drives from files left aside and unused.
Cleans system registry from uninstalled software junks
Safe uninstall of selected software from your system. Detects their occupied sizes and installation folders
Searches duplicate files even their names are different
If needed, permanently deletes unwanted files so no other software can restore them.


All modifications and cleaning processes may be restored at a later time, if secure button is checked.
Alerts when suspicious running software is detected and when CPU usage is high (Optional)


Administers and improves CPU usage of running applications
Cleans computer memory from unnecessary data enabling your programs run faster
Speeds up and optimizes internet connection settings.
Terminates unwanted processes
Application removal from start-up list

Cleans internet cookies, caches, history, broken links
Increases allover system performance


Advanced tasks can be applied to tune-up your system in simple usage.
More than 20 advanced system optimization tasks so-called "OpTasks" can be applied to optimize the system. They are intelligent because first, your windows system is determined automatically and then only relevant tasks to your operating system will be displayed.
Has ability to clean clipboard to increase memory space
Auto-detects low memory in the system and boosts performance by refreshing memory space.
Auto-runs at start-up, and surveys your system. (Optional)
Increases free disk space


Shows graphical system information (CPU/Drives/Memory)
Shows graphical pie chart representation of folder usage and accessing all subfolders information via mouse click.
Shows free memory space above taskbar in specified intervals.

Registered users have lifetime free updates

Version: 6.15(18 May 2008)
* Added new registry cleaning features: Unknown Installer References and Unused Extensions
* Added options dialog before searching in registry cleaning module
* Added new types of icons specifying file cleaning types next to each row of files to be cleaned.
Version: 6.10(09 Apr 2008)
* Added: Export All to CSV Text File was added to popup menu of the Software Module. Selecting this menu item will report information about all installed software into an Excel supported file.
* New user interface
* Updated: Speed optimization in Folder Explorer
* Minor fix on the drive combo box located on the Folder Usage menu. The fix is related to some drive letters that were missing on the combo box.
* New: Scheduler Module which executes listed tasks at times prefered, has been included.
* Minor bug fix in registry backup interface
* Bug fix in disk information module which occurs when there are missing drive letters.
* Since this release, the installation path can be modified during installation process.
Version: 5.73.7(01 Sep 2007)
* For Windows XP and Vista: Create System Restore Point before the first usage of the software.
* For Windows XP and Vista: Manage System Restore Points from the menu located in Actions->System Restore Points
* For Windows Vista: New tweaks and functions were added to Advanced Module.
Version: 5.61(27 May 2007) - cleandiskpro2.exe
* All modules are now Windows Vista compatible. * Updated: Backup of Registry Cleaner Module
Version: 5.60(20 May 2007)
* Updated: Registry Cleaner Module (Activex/COM, Help Files, MRU List, Application Info, Fonts, Startup, Shared DLL, Deep scanned entries including fixing missing CLSID entries)
Version: 5.54(08 May 2007)
* Search more files in Internet Cache Files and Temporary Files * Search memory dump files for deletion * Ability to check all green items in duplicate finder modules. * Ability to sort by colors in duplicate finder modules. * Removed: Process Management
Version: 5.53.3(29 Mar 2007)
* Minor fixes in several modules * Vista compatibility in Files, Start-up Applications and Resources modules
Version: 5.52(02 Mar 2007)
* Added: CPU information module is replaced by more informative System Summary module
* Updated: Software runs in background and its icon is displayed in the tray when the system is (re)started
* Updated: Popup alert for virus and spyware software is displayed only once for the same alert
* Updated: Software is installed and updated successfully even old package runs in background
* Added: New process descriptions in Process Module
Version: 5.50(19 Feb 2007) - cleandiskpro.exe
* Updated: Optimization for speed in File Cleaning module * Updated: Equivalent Files Finder Module
Version: 5.49(01 Jan 2007)
* Added: New process descriptions * Updated: Optimization in duplicate finder modules (Equivalents,Similar) * Updated: Update Module does not require restarting * Various optimizations in file search modules
Version: 5.48

download (cleandiskpro2.exe - 3.91 MB)