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HHOTT View 1.0

HHOTT View 1.0 offers Internet users fast, click-less, & safe browsing features
Publisher: HHOTT
Category: Internet
Version: 1.0
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 3.87 MB
Updated: 09 Jun 2013
HHOTT View 1.0

* Product overview -
HHOTT View is a free browser add-on that lets the general web browsing public safely preview links and web content without clicking or leaving the current web page, so one can browse the web safer and faster than ever. Simply mouse over the preview icon next to a text or image link and a safe preview window instantly appears with the linked content. No more clicking back and forth! The preview window can be placed anywhere within or outside of the web page; in the main monitor or the second monitor. HHOTT View works great with a single monitor and is a must-have browser add-on for dual monitors.

* Key differentiators -
Some of the HHOTT View's unique and patent-pending features are:
? Display safety rating on each link to support secure and safe browsing
? Preview window is a full-featured browser window, not just a small static screen shot
? Preview window can be placed anywhere within or outside of the browser window; in the main monitor or the second monitor
? Separate preview window for each browser window or browser tab to keep the browsing context and tab-browsing friendly
? Preview links anywhere on the web page including the ones in iframes
? Supporting universal login to participate in user communities and forums
? Auto update with extensible architecture to add additional features and services

* Major capabilities -
? Fast and click-less browsing
? Safe browsing with link safety rating
? Universal login support via Yahoo, Microsoft Live, and OpenID
? Automatic safe browsing pattern files update (every 30 minutes via Google Safe Browsing API)
? Automatic add-on software update

* Availability -
HHOTT View 1.0 is available (with English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese versions) through its download page at HHOTT?s Website ? The Internet Explorer version is currently available and the Firefox version will be available in July, 2008.

download ( - 3.87 MB)