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Hero's Journey EXPLAINED IN DETAIL 4.01

Kal Bashir's 2000+ hero's journey (monomyth) stages you need to know about.
Category: Education
Version: 4.01
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 3.07 MB
Updated: 11 Nov 2012
A simply breakdown of Joseph Campbell's 17 stage hero's journey / monomyth:

Call to Adventure (The way in which the adventure can begin).
Refusal of the Call (The call is unanswered).
Supernatural Aid (A protective or encouraging figure who provides Magical Gifts, which will assist the journey).
Crossing of the First Threshold (First step into the unexplored, which is physically the new world and psychologically the beginning of a new self).
Belly of the Whale (Swallowed by the monster or serpent, which is a metaphor for the deeper problems).
Road of Trials (Succession of trials where the hero changes and become a newer, more capable self).
Meeting with the Goddess (Queen of the world, a metaphor and a symbol for the rewards of the new world and transformation).
Woman as the Temptress (Showing the hero his ogres, monsters and serpents, which link right back to the Belly of the Whale, which swallowed him previously).
Atonement with the Father (Ogre aspects of the father and the confrontation with him, which is symbolic for limitations).
Apotheosis (Shattering the bounds of the last threshold and the limitations, which were represented by the father).
Ultimate Boon (Ease with which the adventure here is accomplished, which is a measure of readiness).
Refusal of the Return (Responsibility of the return refused, or the hero is blocked from returning).
Magic Flight (Magical encouragements or obstructions to the flight; if magical aids want the return, then they encourage it, else they hinder it).
Rescue from Without (The return world comes to get him, where limitations to the return are removed).
Crossing the Return Threshold (Returning and crossing the boundary representing the two worlds).
Master of the Two Worlds (Freedom to pass back and forth as king; not hindered by the limitations of either world).
Freedom to Live (Free in action, which is another form of liberty)

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Version: 4.01(14 Nov 2012)
Review of interface.
Version: 4.0

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