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HDClone Free Edition 6.0.5

cloning, migrating and imaging internal/mobile hard disks, SSD and USB media
Publisher: Miray Software AG
Category: Utilities
Version: 6.0.5
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 17.40 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
The Free Edition of HDClone is the ideal tool for cloning, migrating and imaging contents of internal/mobile hard disks, SSD and USB media. Since it works on physical level it can be used with any operating system and any filesystem. HDClone copies the data for you. This allows you to transfer entire system installations to a newer hard disk quickly and easily (hard disk migration) and to do backups. It also adds the additional disk space automatically if desired. Since HDClone has its own operating system and is self-booting, it can be used even if the installed operating system is damaged. Therefore HDClone is also a great solution for data rescue on damaged hard disks or system installations. The commercial versions HDClone Basic Edition, HDClone Standard Edition, HDClone Advanced Edition, HDClone Professional Edition, and HDClone Enterprise Edition offer extended features.

Version: 6.0.5(29 Sep 2015) - hdclone.fe.en.exe
+++ NEW: Multi-resultion support, new Cloning Engine, Inline Help (context sensitive), Bluetooth support, new Launcher menu +++
Version: 5.1.5(25 Nov 2014) -
+++ NEW: Cloning Windows 8.1, disk hotplugging & live detection, backup & cloning for UEFI systems, supports SSDs, mouse wheel support, new startup menu +++
Version: 4.3.4d(19 Jul 2013) -
+++ NEW: DiskViewer (sector view), Revised Graphical User-Interface +++ IMPROVED: HDClone/S: Support for latest USB devices +++ FIXED: Boot issues +++
Version: 4.3.2(12 Apr 2013) -
+++ NEW: DiskViewer (sector view), Revised Graphical User-Interface +++ IMPROVED: HDClone/S: Support for latest USB devices +++
Version: 4.3.1(03 Apr 2013) -
+++ NEW: DiskViewer (sector view), Revised Graphical User-Interface +++ IMPROVED: HDClone/S: Support for latest USB devices +++
Version: 4.2.4(11 Mar 2013) -
+++ NEW: supporting NTFS compression +++ IMPROVED: HDClone/S: storing/reading images to/from FAT media about 60% faster, HDClone/S: SATA drive recognition with AHCI, general GPT support +++ FIXED: problems with certain media sizes above 2 TB +++
Version: 4.2.2(13 Dec 2012) -
+++ NEW: Russian language version +++ IMPROVED: USB3 storage use, Windows resource usage reduced, Handling of hidden partitions +++ FIXED: Crash when creating file images, Clone requesting Windows recovery at first time boot, Size aberrations with GPT partitions and partitions above 2 TB +++
Version: 4.2.1(19 Sep 2012) -
+++ NEW: Windows 8 compatible, booting on UEFI, full GPT support +++ IMPROVED: Reduced memory usage in Windows, program screen on Netbooks +++ FIXED: Listing partitions without drive letters, various bug fixes +++
Version: 4.1.3(25 Jan 2012) -
+++ NEW: Higher copying speed (30 MB/sec), GPT support, higher screen resolution +++ ENHANCED: HID drivers for Keyboards and Mice, Drive-Locking under Windows +++ FIXED: Several Bugfixes
Version: 4.0.7(03 Aug 2011) -
+++ ENHANCED: Creation of images on NTFS and FAT, resizing of USB flash drives without partition table +++ FIXED: USB 3 devices on USB 2.0 controller
Version: 4.0.6(06 Jul 2011) -
+++ ENHANCED: NTFS and FAT driver +++ FIXED: Display of Windows boot options after cloning, USB drives with SES extension (e.g. WD "MyPassport")
Version: 4.0.4a(25 Mar 2011) -
+++ NEW: Subst-Drives with MVD, S-ATA/AHCI controller with RAID interface (no RAID functionality) +++ ENHANCED: MVD working with other Virtual Disk software, VMDK-Files +++ FIXED: NTFS-Defragmentation, USB read errors, CD/DVD errors when using MVD
Version: 4.0.2(07 Dec 2010) -
+++ ENHANCED: new, task oriented user interface +++ FIXED: problems with partition size adjustment
Version: 3.9.4(10 Sep 2010) -
+++ ENHANCED: Recognition of USB devices connected to USB hubs, HDClone/W: grant exclusive access to target automatically +++ FIXED: program stops when Windows drivers return invalid data
Version: 3.9.2(20 May 2010) -
+++ EXTENDED: installer +++ FIXED: boot issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 +++ NEW: 4K-Alignment
Version: 3.8.5(22 Apr 2010) -
+++ EXTENDED: handling of USB card readers, more USB media supported +++ FIXED: issues with RAM drives, unrecognized partitions, drive detection freeze
Version: 3.8.4a(01 Mar 2010) -
NEW: compatible with Mac mini, Dell Mini and new Intel chipsets (P55...) +++ EXTENDED: USB device support +++ FIXED: booting issues (black screen, blue screen), program freeze
Version: 3.8.3(06 Dec 2009) -
NEW: automatic partition size adjustment when restoring file image +++ EXTENDED: more verbose display of adjustments +++ FIXED: Windows 7 boot problems
Version: 3.8.2(06 Oct 2009) -
NEW: HotCopy while running Windows, automatic partition size adjustment +++ EXTENDED: increased copy speed (up to 18 MB/sec), HDClone/S booting faster +++ FIXED: Vista boot problems, USB key boot problem
Version: 3.7.4(20 Apr 2009) -
NEW: access to DCO/HPA protected areas of ATA/SATA drives +++ EXTENDED: Final report with extended details on the copying process, English version supports English keyboard layout, rarely used options in a separate dialog +++ FIXED: Self-booting: problems with certain types of mice (Microsoft)
Version: 3.7.3(19 Dec 2008) -
NEW: USB serial number now displayed (HDClone/S) +++ EXTENDED: USB device recognition +++ FIXED: crash on Windows Vista, IDE/SATA issues
Version: 3.7.2(24 Nov 2008) -
HDClone can now create and restore images
Version: 3.6.2(28 Jul 2008) -
runs on Windows now, automatically expands target partition size
Version: 3.6.1(03 Jul 2008) -
HDClone is now also running under Windows
Version: 3.5.4(26 May 2008) -
installer creates USB boot-media under Windows Vista, extended media adjustement, improved fault tolerance for USB media
Version: 3.5.2(22 Feb 2008) -
USB device support and target medium adjustment
Version: 3.2.8(21 May 2007) -
extended compatibility
Version: 3.2.7(21 May 2007) -
better support for IDE and USB devices
Version: 3.2.6(20 Mar 2007) -
improved compability
Version: 3.2.5(28 Feb 2007) -
Version: 3.2.4(12 Feb 2007) -
SATAII (AHCI) support, USB hubs
Version: 3.1.12(09 Aug 2006) -
integrated drive speed test
Version: 3.1.11 - mtdsdk.exe

download (hdclone.fe.en.exe - 17.40 MB)