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German Characters 4.51

Insert the German language characters that are not displayed on English keyboard
Publisher: LLC
Category: Language
Version: 4.51
License: shareware
Cost: 19.95$
Size: 2.11 MB
Updated: 28 Jan 2007
This German Characters program was written to allow you a simple and efficient way to use the accented alphabetic letters and characters that are unique to the German language and are not shown on your English keyboard. German Characters and the program you want to type in German have to be open at the same time, just click the German character you need and it will be inserted where your cursor was in your German document. That's all there is to it ! Version 4.51 includes the Eurodollar sign and the ability to build and store up to 12 phrases that may be inserted as easily as any single character. This software solution performs without having to change any Windows settings or use additional hardware or keyboards. This program will function in any document or program where letters are allowed including e-mail and chat rooms. Power users may operate this program without the mouse by using intuitive shortcut key[s].

download (SETUP_GERMAN.EXE - 2.11 MB)