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Genius Connect

Add database connectivity to Outlook or Exchange.
Publisher: GeniusConnect distribution
Category: Project Management
License: shareware
Cost: 100$
Size: 5.02 MB
Updated: 11 Sep 2008
Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you can't see and use vital information stored in your database while working in Outlook or Exchange?

GeniusConnect turns Outlook into a more powerful information management tool through database connectivity!
-Improved efficiency while working in Outlook through immediate access to current database information.
-Easy access to contact, calendar and customer information, stored in your database.
-Create Tasks in Outlook based on events in your database.
-Ability to quickly update and back-up information.
-Offers complete flexibility by allow connectivity to any standard SQL Database.
-2 way synchronization
-Attachments synchronization
-Extract attachments to a folder

While there may be other applications, which allow limited database access or work only with a specific database structures,
GeniusConnect can be used with any of the most commonly used database systems.

GeniusConnect will synchronize Outlook data with any relational database that supports ODBC (MS Access, mySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.).
An Outlook folder (Calendar, Contacts*, Mail, Journal, Notes and Tasks) can be linked to a database table.
You can use your own table structure and define conversions for columns with data type's that are not compatible with an Outlook field.
It is possible to use GeniusConnect on multiple Outlook or Exchange folders and multiple databases.
GeniusConnect supports synchronization of the following Folder types:

Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007
Microsoft Outlook 2000

GeniusConnect is an Outlook Add-On and becomes an integral part of Outlook after installation.
GeniusConnect adds a new toolbar to Microsoft Outlook with buttons specific for synchronizing data and configuring GeniusConnect.

Version: Oct 2008)
Version: Sep 2008)
Version: Aug 2008)
Extract attachments to a folder
Version: Jun 2008)
Version: May 2008)
Version: Apr 2008)
Version: Nov 2007)
Version: Jun 2007)
Version: May 2007)
Version: Apr 2007)
hotfix:Auto sync. does not process all folders
Version: Mar 2007)
Windows Vista Compatible help file, bug fixes
Version: Mar 2007)
Windows Vista Compatible help file
Version: Feb 2007)
Send email marketing campaigns directly from GeniusConnnect.
Version: Feb 2007)
Send email marketing campaigns directly from GeniusConnnect.
Version: Jan 2007)
Send email marketing campaigns directly from GeniusConnnect.
Version: Dec 2006) - OutlookConnect.exe
Fix ntext datatype,Date to Datetime conversion,All UTC DateTime values converted to LocalTime
Version: -

download (OutlookConnect.exe - 5.02 MB)