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FrostWire Turbo Booster 4.0.7

FrostWire Turbo Booster is a lite app that enhances FrostWire download speed
Publisher: Download Boosters
Category: File Sharing
Version: 4.0.7
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 2.01 MB
Updated: 26 Apr 2012
So easy to make your downloads easier!

FrostWire Turbo Booster is a dedicated utility developed as a support for FrostWire, a P2P client that has rapidly come to be one of the most appreciated in the file sharing world and which makes use of the popular LimeWire P2P network. The addition of this lite software to your existing FrostWire client will make searching, sharing and downloading more accurate and quicker.

FrostWire Turbo Booster presents some new features of its own to make FrostWire even more reliable: web bandwidth usage optimization and apposite connection settings to deliver that downloading performance you've been waiting for so long. There are also extra features to bring ease to your sharing of files: it automatically resumes interrupted downloads, automatically makes checksum verification to prevent corrupted downloads.

And the offerings go on: fully downloaded and corrupt files are removed automatically; enables multiple searches by locating more sources at user-specified intervals; configuration from last run is saved and auto loads on start-up; all features are mediated through a smart easy-to- operate interface; interface can be managed through a system tray icon; displays info about status, duration of acceleration, profile, the number of bytes sent and received.

The add-on requires very low PC processor and memory resources and at the same time blows maximum steam to the download speed of your p2p client. Add this P2P tool to your software collection for Free and enjoy lightning fast searches and easy downloads in FrostWire!

System Requirements:
- Frostwire installed;
- Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/Win7;
- Internet connection

Version: 4.0.7(11 Apr 2013)
Improved queue management algorithm. New features added.
Version: 4.0.4(03 Sep 2012)
Performance enhancements.
Version: 4.0.2(20 Jun 2011) - FrostWireTurboBooster_installer.exe
Includes New Plugin to Accelerate Download Speeds.
Version: 3.8.0(15 Apr 2010)
Improved GUI. Updated server list.
Version: 3.0.0(19 May 2009)
Acceleration algorithm improved, network devices better detection.
Version: 2.9.9(04 Mar 2009)
Accelerated download. Faster search results.
Version: 2.9.8(15 Dec 2008)
Interface improvements. Small bugs fixed. .
Version: 2.9.7(23 Oct 2008)
Interface improvements. Small bugs fixed.
Version: 1.9.7

download (FrostWireTurboBooster_installer.exe - 2.01 MB)