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FlySpeed Data Export 5.1

FlySpeed Data Export is essential for your database and document data exports.
Publisher: Active Database Software
Category: Tools and Editors
Version: 5.1
License: shareware
Cost: 45$
Size: 9.20 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
FlySpeed Data Export is a useful data export tool for generic usage. Discover why users consider it to be the head of its line, suitable for exporting from a database or from a document. Being able to use all major formats, such as the Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL databases, as well as all major text and spreadsheet document types, FlySpeed Data Export should be your one and only companion.

Instead of wasting IT personnel time on routine procedures, conveniently set your routine tasks up with this data export tool and you're set for good! What's more, it is built in such a way so that multiple processor architecture can be utilized when available, working your equipment to its maximal capacity.

Finally, where other tools fall short, this tool is capable of even creating complex queries, such queries built and applied to the export. Its straight-forward interface and well-tuned installation procedure allows it to be instantly set up so that it immediately starts saving you crucial time in performing such tasks.

The trial version is fully functional now. Moreover, it allows you to export your data (with fewer configuration options in less convenient way) even if the trial period has already expired.

Simply follow this link to get started using this tool:

Version: 5.1(06 Jul 2010)
Ability to connect to remote MySQL Server via SSH tunnel is made; passwords from connection strings are encoded in the project files now; other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.
Version: 5.0(10 Mar 2010) -
Ability to preview export project summary in the Open Data Export Project dialog is made. Bypassing of any number of steps of the wizard on loading a project is possible now. Now you may open a data export project at any step of the wizard.
Version: 4.2(14 Jul 2009)
* Ability to split data to several files is made when exporting data to CSV, RTF, HTML, Excel, Text and XML.
* Now it's possible to save data export log file into the text file.
* MySQL version is taken into account now on options generation to export data using mysqldump.exe.
Version: 4.1(08 May 2009)
*Added Data Export into HTML.
*Now it is possible to export several tables into one Excel file on different sheets.
*Ability to specify sheet when exporting data to Excel is added.
*Ability to schedule a task by week days is added.
*Help file is available now.
Version: 4.0(19 Feb 2009)
- Direct connection to Oracle databases is implemented.
- Added Data Export into HTML.
- Database objects are grouped by schema now.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.
Version: 3.4(29 Oct 2008)
- Direct connection to Oracle databases is implemented.
- Ability to export data to HTML format is added.
- Database objects are grouped by schema now.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.
Version: 3.1(24 Apr 2008)
- Direct connection to MySQL and MS SQL Server source databases is implemented.
- Command line tool to automate data export process is made.
- FlySpeed Task Scheduler is added to automate export jobs.
- FlySpeed Data Export COM Server allows to run command-line tool programmatically.
Version: 3.0(31 Mar 2008)
* Direct connection to MS SQL Server source databases.
* Direct connection to MySQL source databases.
* Command line tool to automate data export process.
* Support of parameters to export data from custom SQL queries.
* Other minor improvements and bug fixes are made.
Version: 2.0

download ( - 9.20 MB)