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Flashpaste 6.21

Flashpaste lets you have your own custom text templates at your fingertips.
Publisher: Softvoile
Category: Misc Applications
Version: 6.21
License: shareware
Cost: 24.95$
Size: 1.76 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Flashpaste is a powerful tool which greatly enhances the copy and paste function of your machine, basically allowing speed typing. Web designers, software developers, customer support staff and many more will find this highly useful. For most of us, the basic, built in copy and paste features simply aren't enough when you need to save time. The software gives you access to a set of text templates that you, yourself define when you set up the software. These templates can be pieces of code or normal text that you regularly need access to. For example, if you are a web programmer, you can easily paste often used fragments of code without having to find the original source from which to copy or type it out again from scratch. Macros are also allowed, adding greatly to the power and usefulness of this software. On top of this, it also supports clipboard history, so you can easily glance back over text that was formerly held in the clipboard. To find out more and to try out a free, 30-day trial, pay a visit to today.

Version: 6.21(05 Jan 2016)
Version 6.2
This is a maintain release with a lot of improvements and bugfixes, changes in interface and behaviour.
Version: 6.11(18 May 2015)
Version 6.1
Added: Customize font - font name, size, text and background color. See Options -> Interface
Added: Minimal mode in String selection dialog box, use F12 in order to swith modes
Improved: Support for Windows 8
Improved: A lot of small bug fixes and improvements
Version: 5.91(10 Jun 2013)
Version 5.9
Added: New option - play sound when clip is captured into clipboard history.
Added: New feature - use bold font for mark strings in the tree.
Added: Hot keys for collapse\expand all tree folders in the string selection box (ctrl up\down).
Added: "Add to root" option
Version: 5.8(29 Oct 2012)
Version 5.8
Added: Macros %Clip(x)% and %ClipAsPlainText(x)% where x can be 1 - 5 for pasting data from clipboard history.
Improved: Clipboard history feature and support of Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format.
Added: Option to disable program exit confirmation.
Added: Danish help, thanks to Egmos.
Version: 5.7(28 Mar 2012)
Version 5.6
Added: %Dictionary(...)% - automatic substitution with text from the common or local dictionary when a template is pasted.
Added: Command line option -s=path_to_configuration_file.
Version 5.7
Added: %Env(...)% - insert value of environment variable.
Version: 5.5(01 Dec 2011)
Version 5.5
Added: Search\filter function in main window.
Added: Custom separator for multiple pasting from %List()% macro
Added: Export database to txt file
Version: 5.2(09 Apr 2010)
Version 5.2
* Added: Drag and drop support in the String Selection Dialog Box
* Added: Option to emulate Shift Insert instead of Ctrl V to paste string, to paste strings into terminal window correctly
* Changed location for the cached database to \Local Settings\Application Data\Flashpaste
Version: 4.61

download (flashpastesetup.exe - 1.76 MB)