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Flash and Media Capture 2.0 SR2

Saves all images, video and Flash applets from a page to the folder you want.
Publisher: MetaProducts Corporation
Category: Internet
Version: 2.0 SR2
License: shareware
Cost: 24.95$
Size: 8.28 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Flash and Media Capture is a Windows plugin application for MS Internet Explorer. It adds a nice toolbar that allows you to save all images and Flash applets from a page to the folder you want.
This tool is great for making collections of images on your disk from online photo albums, image forums and desktop wallpaper sites.
It also allows you to automatically save images (all or above certain dimensions) and Flash to the folder you want. For example, you may browse a picture gallery and have all photos you see to be kept in a folder on your hard disk. If you want to save YouTube, Google, MySpace or another online video (FLV
format,) please visit the page with the video, wait until it loads in the
page and then click the Flash and Media Capture button on its toolbar.
AutoSave will also work with such pages.

There is a dialog window included that shows all images and Flash files on the page. Preview and selective save is possible.

Version: 2.0 SR2(03 May 2012)
Improved support for Youtube video
Version: 2.0 SR1(20 Mar 2012)
Improved support for most popular video sites
Version: 2.0(11 May 2011)
Added support for Facebook and VKontakte video
Version: 1.9 SR2(02 Nov 2010)
Added new toolbar button to highlight page element under mouse. The Save Dialog shows only the files from the highlighted area.
Added mpeg4 video preview
Added ability to save files under the mouse pointer without showing the Save Dialog
Version: 1.9 SR1(27 Jan 2010)
Added smart video title extraction from web pages
Added using highlighted text as video title when the floating toolbar button is cliked
Added capability to rename partially loaded video
Added new autosave mode - use only sequental numbers in filenames
Version: 1.9(22 Oct 2009) - fmsetup.exe
Added displaying a pair of Flash applet and the related Video file in the Save dialog
Improved saving compound Flash files
Restored YouTube video detection on web pages
Version: 1.8 SR2(02 Jul 2009)
Added floating toolbar settings
Improved floating toolbar position over images and Flash applets
Improved video converter options
Version: 1.8 SR1(21 Apr 2009)
Improved saving compound Flash files
Added preview image of partially loaded videos in the Video Cache dialog
Added ability to hide icon labels on the Internet Explorer toolbar
Added video length display in the Save dialog
Version: 1.8(12 Mar 2009)
Added Point-and-Save toolbar for Flash applets and images
Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 8
Improved compatibility with Windows 7
Version: 1.7(08 Dec 2008)
Added ability to save media files under the mouse cursor with a hot key (F8 by default)
Added ability to resize the Save Dialog
Version: 1.6(08 May 2008)
Added Wizard to save and convert media files
Added sort of the Video Cache files by the download start time
Improved Save dialog design
Added minimum size limit for autosaved flash files
Version: 1.5(13 Feb 2008)
???????Added ability to show incomplete Video files in the Save dialog
Added information about compound Flash files in the Save dialog (full size with all additional files)
Added Maxthon 2 browser support
Version: 1.2(25 Jun 2007)
Added the ability to save QuickTime video
Added a warning when autosave mode fails
Version: 1.1 SR1(29 Mar 2007)
Added Video Cache dialog with all Flash Video files cached by MS Internet Explorer
Added support of MetaCafe and RuTube video services
Added size display of the saved Flash files
Version: 1.1(09 Jan 2007)
Added ability to save Flash Video (.flv) files. Supports YouTube, Google and MySpace video services
Added ability to autosave Flash Video files from all sites
Version: 1.0

download (fmsetup.exe - 8.28 MB)